Best Cloud-Based Call Centre Phone Systems

    Phone support is one of the key elements of any customer-facing business, with over-the-phone help often feeling a lot more immediate and personal than communicating by message or email.

    The downside is that this mode of customer service is often a lot more chaotic and time-consuming, meaning that having the right call centre software for you and your team is essential.

    Choosing the right features for your cloud-based call centre phone system can help to minimise stress, and maximise productivity, keeping your business running smoothly. 

    For this reason, we have compiled a list of the features that we think make for the best cloud-based call centre phone system. 

    Make calls via the cloud

    Save time and money by using a cloud-based calling system, or a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Running via the internet instead of through a traditional line means the lack of hardware on-premises removes costs relating to infrastructure and maintenance that would be associated with the conventional copper-wire phone lines. 

    CRM for specific customer support

    One large benefit of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is its ability to help with the provision of outstanding customer service. This can be invaluable to your cloud-based call centre by providing your team with customer context. Instead of the caller having to repeat their issues to different representatives, as well as giving a summary of their past interactions with other members of your team, CRM integration means that you already have this information at your fingertips, allowing a speedier service and a higher satisfaction rate. 

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    Automated interactive voice response

    Sometimes, getting your team to deal with everything personally can become slightly overwhelming. You can relieve some of this pressure by utilising an interactive voice response feature. This form of self-service can collect some initial information from the customer which can then be delivered to your team, making the support process easier and quicker, or even resolve some of the issues first-hand.  

    Keep track of call-centre metrics

    To keep your call centre running smoothly, you need to keep track of the things you're doing right, as well as the areas that could use a little more improvement. Keep an eye on common customer queries, call trends and the overall efficiency of your team with a unique reporting feature.

    Maintain consistency 

    Call scripting is a great feature that allows your customer to receive consistent responses, regardless of the member of your team that they have contacted, by creating one common point of reference that all of your agents can use. A call script, like a chatbot, detects particular phrases in a customer's email and provides troubleshooting guidance based on a standard response. You should be able to review the script history and tailor your response to the individual customer.  

    Make outgoing calls

    Depending on the proactivity of your customer support, you may want your team to make outgoing calls themselves as well as taking incoming queries. If this is the case, then keep your CRM current by looking for software that offers an automated dialer and easy-to-use call tracking tools.

    A cloud-based phone system can be a great way to help your call centre manage a high volume of traffic with ease. For further information, you can contact us to learn more about Cloud-Based Call Center Phone Systems at