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The Best Domiciliary Care Software UK

The Best Domiciliary Care Software UK

If you are a professional in the healthcare sector, ensuring that you have access to the best domiciliary care software in the UK is of unrivalled importance. But what exactly is domiciliary care software, and how do you choose the right solution for your team? 

Over recent years, the use of domiciliary care software has slowly become more and more essential for key healthcare workers around the UK. 

In the past, manually monitoring and keeping track of patients' day-to-day needs has been time-consuming and often difficult. As the paperwork begins to pile up, it has notoriously become harder and harder for carers and managers to monitor important factors such as medication, visits and data protection. 

However, the recent popularity of domiciliary care software in the UK has largely improved efficiency and minimised the risk of human error, with a recent report from The Health Foundation drawing on the benefits of using technology and health data to enable better care centred around the patient's needs. 

What is Domiciliary care software? 

Domiciliary care software provides workforces with a connected digital platform that allows for an easy monitoring of patient data and staff activity. This removes the burden of constantly updating paperwork, as data can easily be accessed and updated at any time, from any place. 

However, there are plenty of domiciliary care platforms to choose from, all offering a variety of high quality features. Let's take a look at a few examples of the best domiciliary care software applications in the UK so that you can make an informed decision. 

1. QuikPlan

QuikPlan HomeCare Software has been providing users with an outstanding service since 2002. The easy-to-use, cloud-based application is designed to make time-consuming tasks easier through automation and financial management. 

Some of QuikPlan's most popular features include:

  • Track client and staff details in one location, with all essential information included. Access these files from anywhere with an internet connection. 
  • Automated invoicing and payroll automatically makes personalised adjustments to charges and makes sure that all members of your team are paid timely and accurately. 
  • The staff availability matching system automatically pairs staff with calls based on suitability factors including location and skill. 

2. CarePlanner

CarePlanner is an award-winning application, placing it high on our list of the best domiciliary care software platforms in the UK. The all-in-one application is organised, simple and secure, coming with a range of organisational capabilities. 

Some of CarePlanner's most popular features include:

  • An efficient rostering system that allows you to drag-and-drop carers into the correct slot, creating an organised, visual schedule. 
  • A variety of call monitoring solutions so that you can keep track of your employees, ensuring their safety and appointment attendance. 
  • Offline access to important information such as rotas, care plans and handover notes via the mobile app if internet connection in unavailable. 

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3. Access 

Access Care Management Software is one of the top care management software choices in the UK - and for good reason. The platform is fully comprehensive, collaborative and CQC compliant, offering a full suite of services. 

Some of Access's most popular features include:

  • Finely-tuned medication management services, including medicine prompts, easy viewing of eMAR charts, alerts if medication has been neglected and more. 
  • The ability to digitally share live patient updates with family members.
  • Efficiently pre-loaded, editable forms and care plans that can be accessed online and offline. 

4. Log My Care

Log My Care is domiciliary care software that boasts a straightforward interface, with a dashboard view for managers and a convenient mobile application for carers. The software is highly intuitive and designed to help carers to deliver the most patient-centred service possible. 

Some of Log My Care's most popular features include: 

  • Clocking in and clocking out capabilities, allowing carers to keep an accurate digital record of the amount of time that they spend with each patient. 
  • An environment checker to make sure that all patients are safe, with any potential hazards noted down and resolved. 
  • Highly efficient and personalised care plans that can be shared amongst the team to ensure that the care your patient receives is consistent between handovers. 

The Best Domiciliary Care Software in the UK in One Package

Your Comms Group are experts in telecommunications and domiciliary care software, and we are here to make life easier for the care workforce. 

We can provide teams with a fleet of mobile devices fully equipped with the best domiciliary care software in the UK, so you can get to work straight away without any disruption. 

To find out more about our various tariffs and plans, visit our website or get in touch with a member of our team who can help you to choose the right solution for your workforce. 









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