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Portable WiFi Routers

Portable WiFi Routers

Portable Wi-Fi routers have become a game-changer for businesses who need to keep their operations up and running whilst on the move. But why are so many companies making the switch, and what are some of the best portable Wi-Fi routers currently on the market?


In 2022, it is more evident than ever before that society has evolved in leaps and bounds. Thanks to technological innovations, and a nudge into the future at the hands of the pandemic, companies are finding ways to adapt to running a business in a rapidly changing world. 

There are two particularly noteworthy changes that have effected the way businesses are managed. The first is a move towards remote working at the hands of globalisation, with more and more businesses opting to allow their employees to work from home or, alternatively, involve travel as an essential part of working requirements.

For instance, according to the World Resources Institute, business trips account for up to 20% of all global travel, a number that is only increasing each year. 

Secondly, businesses now have access to more private data than ever before. With more and more companies choosing to switch to cloud-based storage, ensuring that networks are kept secure is essential for data protection. 

Of course, as the business world changes technology changes along with it, and there are now an increasing amount of ways to work remotely with both ease and increased security. 

Portable Wi-Fi routers have become one of the more popular solutions. Essentially acting as a pocket-sized version of your home internet router, portable Wi-Fi routers provide wireless internet connection pretty much anywhere in the world through the use of 4G/5G. 

Much like any internet solution, portable Wi-Fi routers are not completely fool proof. However, they certainly offer a reliable connection and higher levels of security than many competing products. 


THE Benefits of A Portable WiFi Router

The intention of portable Wi-Fi routers is to provide a stable internet connection from anywhere and everywhere and, for the most part, they deliver on this point and on several others. 

  • Higher levels of security. Open networks are notorious for providing low levels of security, leaving your information highly vulnerable to attacks from cyber criminals - a risk you cannot afford to take if you are in possession of customer and company data. Instead, portable Wi-Fi routers provide a secure connection that can be strengthened through the use of firewalls, VPN support and WPA-2 encryption. 

  • More reliable connection. If you are taking VoIP calls with clients or managing business software, for instance, sudden internet disconnection can cause you to look at best unprofessional, and at worst lead to the loss of valuable information and progress. Whilst an unreliable connection may be more likely if you are dealing with open networks or juggling temperamental signal in hotel rooms, for instance, portable Wi-Fi routers are generally reliable so long as you have signal from your provider. 

  • Increased flexibility. Fundamentally, travelling abroad or working from an unfamiliar location becomes more stressful if you are unsure whether or not you will be able to source the connectivity you need when you need it. Portable Wi-Fi routers remove this stress, providing a way to access the internet as and when.

The Best Portable WiFi Routers

The more popular any technological innovation is, however, the more saturated the market becomes. Although there are an array of portable Wi-Fi routers available for purchase, it is important that you make the correct investment by choosing a product that is right for your team. 

Typically, we have found the Huawei range of portable Wi-Fi routers to be a reliable, cost-effective and high-quality solution. Our favourite choices are listed below. 


The Huawei 4G Plus MiFi 

The Huawei 4G Plus MiFi is a practical MiFi router that serves its purpose well. Coming in very light, at only 95g, the 4G Plus MiFi is highly transportable, which is essential when it comes to a device that is designed to provide Wi-Fi signal on the move.

4g plus mifi

This router particularly excels when it comes to fast upload and download speeds that beat most competitors. Additionally, up to 16 people can connect to the Huawei router at one time, making this an effective solution for collaborative working.

All of this comes together to make for a powerful and future proof router solution, wrapped up in one portable package. 


The Benefits

  • Fast upload and download speeds
  • 1,500mAh battery (6 hours of use and 350 hours of standby)
  • Connect up to 16 devices at one time
  • Straightforward setup process 
  • Lightweight

The drawbacks 

  • Some devices provide speeds that are even quicker
  • Lacks 5G connectivity

Huawei 5G CPE Pro

The Huawei 5G CPE Pro is as interesting in design as it is powerful in performance. Standing upright with a blue light at its base, the 5G CPE Pro comes in an attractive rectangular shape, making for a more streamlined appearance than many other portable Wi-Fi routers. 

Untitled design (64)

One of the biggest draws to the Huawei 5G CPE Pro are its 5G capabilities, with phenomenal 1GBps average download speeds, which outweighs the performance of most home broadband systems. 

The device also comes with the possibility to connect up to 64 devices at once. In this regard, the Huawei 5G CPE Pro could even pose as a great alternative to office broadband. 

The Benefits

  • Superfast 5G connectivity 
  • Supports up to 65 connections at once
  • Fast upload and download speeds
  • 360-degree coverage

The Drawbacks 

  • Only two ethernet ports
  • Larger than some portable Wi-Fi devices

Portable WiFi Router Solutions

If you are looking for a portable Wi-Fi router solution for your business, Your Comms Group is here to help. Our team will use our unmatched industry prowess to source an affordable and bespoke portable Wi-Fi router on a plan that fits your needs and budget. 

To find out more, visit our website or get in touch with us today. 

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