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In the digital age, Your Comms Group symbolises innovation, creating connections with integrity, empathy, and advanced technology

Our origins reflect a desire to surpass conventional communication by integrating innovative solutions with a keen understanding of human interaction, fostering meaningful connections and sustainable advancement. 

We are committed to inspiring communities, promoting environmental stewardship, and envisioning a future where technology enriches every connection

Your Comms Group represents more than communication—it embodies the fusion of worlds, care for the planet, and the cultivation of enduring bonds built on trust and excellence.

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Colleague First

We foster an environment for innovation, collaboration, and mutual respect by placing our colleagues first.

Our operations thrive on empowering every team member to reach their full potential, encouraging personal and professional growth. 

This commitment to our team ensures we can collectively work towards shared sustainability goals, positively impacting our company and the broader community we serve.

How is the Value demonstrated?

  • 360 evaluation
  • Remote working arrangement




We work as a Team





We always place the We always place the Customer first



Customer Delight

A steadfast commitment to integrity and empathy lies at the heart of our operations. We engage with our customers, team, and community with honesty, transparency, and respect, striving to build trust in every interaction. 

Customer delight for us isn't just about meeting expectations but exceeding them, ensuring every touchpoint with Your Comms Group is positive, fulfilling, and memorable.

How is the Value demonstrated?

  • NPS Score
  • One touch basis
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Backend dedicated web-based platform for usage and billing management
  • Customer testimonial



We are committed to leveraging the latest technologies, fostering effective teamwork, and engaging with our community to ensure excellence in everything we do. 

This dedication to innovation allows us to deliver superior outcomes for all our stakeholders, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

How is the Value demonstrated?

  • Offering our clients communication solutions that are efficient in energy use and cost.




We try to be Experts at what we do (2)




We are Accountable-1



Ethical Integrity

We prioritise ethical behaviour and responsible action in all our endeavours. Our approach to business is guided by a commitment to high ethical standards, supporting our immediate goals and contributing to a sustainable future for our planet and society. 

By acting responsibly and with integrity, we can make a meaningful difference in the world, ensuring a legacy beyond telecommunications.

How is the Value demonstrated?

  • Paper-free since 2021
  • Remote working (minimise carbon footprint)
  • Proud member of Electronic Watch

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A seamless transition to Your Company Comms from our old provider, for much less, including new equipment and a customer service that is responsive, friendly and effective. Particular thanks to Lee and Jamie.
Dean Brothers
Company Director
YCG are delivering a true high level service around the clock and really know how to focus on client's needs, rather than offering what is popular on the market. I've been working with Rob for several years and very pleased of his professional account management levels. If your company feels its lacking personal care, you should definitely consider YCG as your service provider!
Robert Tornovsky
Company Director
Your Comms group make managing our SIM card estate easy by providing a single point of contact for all of our network providers. They're always quick to respond to queries, and ordering, cancelling and transferring lines is a painless process.
Ellen Swinburne
Company Director