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Service Update for Mobile Customers


Service Update for Hosted Customers

Dec 14, 14:46
Network Wide Issue

Intermittent Call Traffic - Inbound ONLY

We are actively working with the origin carriers to minimize the disruption for our users. We are awaiting updates from these carriers on the progress of this activity and are confident that they are doing everything in their power to address this issue as quickly as possible.

Current service loss affects Inbound services ONLY. All outbound services (including 999 and other emergency services) remain available and unaffected. If you experience any outbound call issues, please notify us so we can take action to restore the services.

Dec 14, 11:59
Network Wide Issue

As per the guidance from our upstream carrier, the origin carriers have initiated the process of filtering their traffic appropriately. The origin carriers will provide us with regular updates on their progress as they work towards resolving the issue.

Dec 14, 10:58
Network Wide Issue
After conducting a review involving the senior technical teams at our onward carriers, we can confirm that the issue is with certain origin carriers. Upon conducting a thorough investigation, those origin carriers have provided information relating to the nature of the issue. In response to this finding, we are currently working closely with the origin carriers to take appropriate action to prevent further disruption.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work to resolve this issue with our carrier partners.
Dec 14, 7:38
Network Wide Issue

As we continue to address the issue, we are currently implementing measures to ringfence numbers identified as most severely impacted by this problem, in order to reduce the overall load on the platform and mitigate the negative effects.

We have identified the source of the issue we are working with the various upstream providers.

Dec 13, 15:08
Network Wide Issue

Intermittent Call Traffic - Inbound/Outbound

We have been working closely with our upstream providers to restore service to all affected services. We are making significant progress in this regard.

At this time, we cannot confirm when service will be restored for all affected users but will provide accurate updates as soon as these are available.

The next scheduled update will be at 16:00 unless we have an interim update to share with you beforehand.
We apologise for the inconvenience we know this causes and thank you for your patience.