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Your Comms Group has experience supporting thousands of UK companies including everyone from your local Home Care providers to the largest UK unions.

We believe every business should be looked after in the same way, offering the most comprehensive product portfolio, unbeatable prices, unrivaled personal service, and expertise.

Mobile Solutions

Maintain your tech-savviness and forward-looking approach with our VoIP services.

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SIM Only Deals

Looking for that missing ingredient? Our SIM-only deals could be just the trick.

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Sim Only Deals

VoIP Services

Stay tech-savvy and future-focused with our VoIP services.

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VoIP Services


Internet of things

Multi Network Resilient IoT sims to keep your devices connected.

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IOT Internet of Things

Homecare Solutions

Helping your hardworkers stay one step ahead.

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Managing Mobile Devices in Care Homes for Better Care

Mobile devices have become essential tools in various fields, including the health sector, which is common in today's...
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Connecting Remote Manufacturing Facilities with Superfast Broadband

Remote manufacturing units face some exclusive difficulties. Their geographical location makes it difficult for them to...
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Providing Superfast Broadband to Construction Sites

Modern construction projects depend heavily on connectivity to manage workflows, communicate with teams, and keep...
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Upgrading Phone Systems for Automotive Businesses

Efficient communication is essential in the fast-paced world of businesses, including automotive. A strong...
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Enhancing Communication in Care Homes with Business Phone Systems

Every business needs efficient and effective communication tools, including care homes. Yet many face challenges due to...
2 min read

Streamlining Manufacturing Operations with Mobile Technology

Unlike manually operated machines and handwritten logs, manufacturing has significantly transformed. Thanks to mobile...
3 min read

Empowering Construction Teams with Mobile Solutions

Today, the construction industry differs from its traditional roots. It now incorporates new technologies, especially...
2 min read

Maximising Office Efficiency and Safety with Smart Sensor Technology

Creating an efficient and safe work environment is now more critical than ever, especially in the fast-paced business...
2 min read

IoT and Energy Efficiency: Building a Sustainable Future

Energy use in buildings is one of the most significant greenhouse gas emissions, and if no further action is taken, the...
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