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Future-proof Your Business With Cloud-Based VoIP Phone Systems

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Future-proof your business communications. Making your mark as a business, small or large, has never been an easy task, and the past two years have definitely shown us how important it is to stay ahead of the game. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way companies are operating for the foreseeable, with changes in communication being at the centre. Remote working and video conferences have become much more common, and picking up the phone or sending an email is a much more likely mode of contact than physically visiting a premise. For this reason, future-proofing your business communications has never been more important.  

Where VoIP and the Cloud come in handy

Cloud-based VoIP has been a breath of fresh air for businesses needing to switch up their telephony technology in the current climate. This modern phone system is an innovative, low-maintenance solution for companies looking to save money and keep things simple and technically savvy, meaning that there are a lot of benefits of VoIP for small businesses especially.

But what gives VoIP and the Cloud the edge? And how can this modern phone system future-proof your business communications? Look no further - we've compiled all of the answers below. 

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Remote working made easy

With remote working becoming the norm, having a system that allows your company to operate this way with ease could be a valuable asset. Cloud-based VoIP allows you to access all the communication channels you need from pretty much anywhere so long as you have an internet connection. Make and answer those all-important calls from the comfort of your own bedroom, and listen to voicemails when you have a spare five minutes on your way to and from the office: all in all, you can keep your business future-proof by keeping your team connected, wherever and whenever.

Lower cost 

There's no better way to future-proof your business than by reducing the risk of potentially detrimental future expenditure, as well as hefty costs upfront. For example, Cloud telephony VoIP solutions merge essential tools and applications, such as video conferencing applications, business-orientated instant messaging and file storage, into one platform so you no longer have to pay individual fees. The regular monthly pricing keeps cost pretty predictable, and the lack of on-site hardware eliminates the risk of needing to pay for separate support and repairs. In a nutshell, Cloud-based VoIP keeps things pretty cheap and cheerful.

The flexible solution

Are you a small business heading towards expansion? Looking to onboard more customers? Or a larger company that often hires more staff? If so, then it's important to choose a modern phone system that is scalable. Cloud-hosted VoIP allows you to add and remove extensions as and when you need them, meaning that your company's growth will be easy to manage in the near future and beyond. 

No stress about the ISDN switch-off

BT have sworn to deactivate the entirety of their ISDN network by 2025. With this year looming closer and closer, it is important to choose a replacement phone system that will keep your business futureproof ASAP. VoIP is the obvious business communication solution - so why not make sure your business stays future-proof, modern and cutting-edge by switching to a Cloud-based solution today? 

The bottom line

There's no better way to keep your business prepared for the future than by choosing a telephone system that's in it for the long haul. For more information, or to find the best VoIP solution for you, get in touch with us today at sales@yourcommsgroup.com.

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