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Why IoT is Important

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IoT: what is it and why is it important? We live in a world where technology is constantly changing and advancing, with IoT being an example of one of society's most popular and cutting-edge developments - but why is IoT important especially?

IoT (Internet of Things) devices are, in short, typically everyday objects that are connected to the internet, connected to each other, and effortlessly communicate and receive data and information using high-level sensors. Examples of IoT can range from consumer objects that you may have in your home as we speak - such as smart speakers or a smart fridge - all the way to Industrial IoT (IIoT), which are larger robots and machines used to aid the manufacturing process. 

Of course, one obvious benefit of IoT is convenience. Whether you want to turn on your lights with a simple voice command, monitor your home security system from your mobile phone or play music without having to get out of bed, IoT devices have made life a lot more straightforward for many of us. However, IoT goes beyond convenience. It has become an invaluable tool with a lot of practical benefits, and there are a plethora of reasons why IoT is important for us today. 

IoT has changed life as we know it 

IoT communication has made subtle differences in every aspect of life and industry, and this new complete connectivity between devices isn't to be underestimated, As well as making life more convenient in the home sector, IoT devices are also transforming the world of business by providing more accurate data analytics, sharing data and reducing the amount of human labour needed for more mundane tasks. 

Other industries have also benefited from IoT on a large scale. In farming and agriculture circles, IoT technology has become a great technology for ensuring animal safety. Portable IoT sensors designed to be worn by animals can monitor a whole host of important information, including cattle grazing, temperature levels and calories consumed can all help farmers to figure out when the animal is at its most fertile. In terms of crop harvesting, IoT sensors can help farmers to analyse necessary factors, including the humidity of the soil and water temperature, so that it is easy to know when the best time is to irrigate crops.

Similarly, the E-Commerce sector has seen a lot of benefits as a result of IoT in retail. Data analytics allow better customer service, leading to an increase in sales, as well as better tracking, personal data delivery and improved logistics. In terms of supermarkets, IoT has allowed customers to check in and check out with their smartphones covering the bill, leading to a simple and streamlined shopping experience. 

One area the demonstrates why IoT is important in a significant sense is the world of healthcare. Recent advancements have allowed doctors and nurses to provide better and more accurate care for their patients. IoT sensors enable the remote monitoring of vital signs, as well as supporting the harvesting of important data, such as calorie intake, blood pressure, diabetes insights and so on. 

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How we can benefit from IoT 

As well as benefiting individual industries, the features of IoT have also benefited society at large in numerous ways. The most obvious benefit of IoT is the positive impact it has had on time saving and subsequent money saving. This is true in aspects of our day-to-day life: from shopping, to checking the weather to writing a blog post, we can do most things on one device from anywhere in the world, especially if you choose to invest in multi-network IoT SIMs. For businesses, time is money, and IoT devices are great for making sure that you use your time wisely, guaranteeing a better customer experience and less time spent on menial tasks. 

IoT is important in terms of sustainability too, allowing for advancements in HVAC equipment, smart waste monitoring, smart farming and so much more, all of which help to make our planet a little bit greener. IoT solutions have also lead to a predicted reduction in fuel waste, with one report from Transforma Insights suggesting that, by 2030, the operation of IoT devices will save around eight times the amount of energy that these smart objects consume. In this regard, IoT is benefiting the planet on a global scale as well as us as consumers, demonstrating why IoT is important in the long term. 

The bottom line

IoT is slowly transforming business operations, the healthcare sector and our day-to-day life in more ways than we could possibly imagine. This unique form of technology is ever-expanding and changing, meaning that it is important to invest in IoT now and stay ahead of the game by future-proofing your organisation as soon as possible. 

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