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Why You Need Multi-Network Resilient IoT SIMS

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What are multi-network resilient IoT SIMS and why do you need them? 

Navigating the world of IoT can be a difficult one, with multi-network resilient IoT SIMS being a favoured solution by many - but what are they, and why do you need multi-network IoT SIMS?

IoT (The Internet of Things) has taken the world by storm in recent years, with everything from home security systems to speakers adopting this modern mode of smart connectivity. One particularly popular form of IoT has been cellular IoT: in other words, IoT devices that are connected to the internet via a cellular network using a SIM rather than alternate methods of connectivity, such a Bluetooth or WiFi. 

Multi-network resilient IoT SIMS: A definition

Multi-network SIMs are changing the game for business IoT solutions. A lot of work environments are ever-changing and more fast paced than ever, which means that staying connected to the internet at all times has never been more important. Luckily, multi-network IoT SIMs have provided the solution, allowing users to easily and simply connect to local networks anywhere on the globe as the device changes locations. This makes them immediately superior when compared to consumer SIMs. Despite being able to roam, consumer SIMs come without the added perk of allowing you to switch between providers, limiting your device's connectivity capabilities. 

If you're not convinced already, let's take a closer look at why you need resilient, multi-network IoT SIMs by analysing the product benefits. 

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Say goodbye to travel-restricted connectivity

Multi-network IoT SIMs let you stay connected on the move - literally. Use your roaming service and stay on top of your IoT devices when you're in moving vehicles, or even abroad. They're also a great solution for GPS tracking in the case overseas cargos, being much more likely to maintain a reliable signal than single-network SIMs. 

Keep your business communications cutting-edge 

Multi-network IoT SIMs are the perfect way to future-proof your business by effortlessly supporting business communications, allowing you to save valuable time and energy that you can instead use to make your company the best it can be. They're also a great medium for 5G, meaning that your connection is always fast and reliable. 

Reliable and remote 

Losing network signal can be potentially detrimental to your business operations, which is a perfect example as to why you need multi-network resilient IoT SIMs. In the case of a loss of signal to your IoT device, multi-network SIMs will save the day by switching to another network with a stronger signal. 

The bottom line

All in all, multi-network IoT SIMs offer a whole host of advantages when compared with their predecessors. Push your business in the direction of growth and development by choosing the future-focused solution. Multi-Network IoT SIM Cards are available with Your Comms Group, with applicable multi-card discounts. Various Tariffs are available to suit your IoT Environment, with prices online. Speak to an Agent about our best price now.




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