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Which Network is the Best Value for Big Data Plans?

Which Network is the Best Value for Big Data Plans?

Choosing the right mobile phone service is a big decision, and you might find yourself wondering which network is the best value for big data plans. 

Mobile data connectivity is more important now than ever, especially in the business world. The convenience that mobile data provides is second to none, allowing you to make important video calls, check and send emails and remotely manage your business operations from anywhere in the world. 

If you can find a network that provides big data plans for the best value possible, then you're already one step ahead of the game. In no particular order, let's take a look at some of the best big-data providers on the scene at the moment. 


EE are one of the biggest providers in the UK, and this popular company is known for delivering speedy data solutions, with their 4G connection covering 99% of the UK. 

EE's network offer a variety of big data plans. These include SIM-only deals, pay as you go, and shorter and long term contracts; for example, if you're happy to commit to two years with EE, you can pay £20 a month for a huge 120GB of data. Similarly, EE's unlimited data plans from EE Business allow a fast, efficient and cost-effective data service for hard workers everywhere. 

The downside is that EE may not be the cheapest provider on our list. However, if unrivalled data speed and connectivity is a priority for you, then EE's network big data plans are still one of the best value solutions available. 


If you're looking for a great value SIM-only big data plan, Vodafone could be the network for you. Whilst their speeds don't quite match that of EE, Vodafone still provide a very fast and reliable 4 & 5G service. 

One of their latest offers is a two-year plan providing unlimited 5G data at the very reasonable cost of £25 per month. It doesn't get much better than that!

Alternatively, if Pay-As-You-Go is the way forward for you, Vodafone's network provides a variety of big data plans at the best value. For just £10 per month you can receive 5GB, perfect for light data users, all the way to a heavier £40 per month for unlimited data. 

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Your Comms Group

Your Comms Group specialise in providing a range of mobile solutions to businesses around the UK. Their unique selling point is the flexible nature of their varied tariffs, allowing you to customise your contract according to your business needs and add usage caps to avoid bill shock down the line. 

Your Comms Group provide a range of big data plans, with their iPhone 13 tariffs being a hot topic currently. For smaller businesses, you can add up to 10 users and pay £28 per month for 10GB of data. If your business is on the larger side, you can add 40+ users and receive unlimited data for a highly competitive £40 each month. 


Another big name on the telecoms front, O2 are a popular choice for business owners everywhere. One big perk of O2 that is worth noting is the fact that they are one of the few providers not to reintroduce roaming charges within the EU. This is perfect if you want to be able to conduct business abroad without added costs. 

O2's network offer a range of straightforward big data plans for the best value, coming in at some of the most competitive on the market. They're currently offering two very reasonably priced 'Special Edition' bundles. The £10 Big Bundle provides 10GB of 4G data for £10 per month, whilst the second £15 Big Bundle will leave you with 20GB of data per month for £25. 

The Best Data Solutions With Customer Service to Match

Of course, value for money isn't everything; it is also important to go with a provider that you can trust. 

Your Comms Group provide a range of bespoke big data tariffs directly. Alternatively, we can build a solution around your network of choice while providing you with expert advice and support. With an outstanding NPS score of 58, we're a company who puts the customer first. 

Get in touch today for more information about our partner networks and the best value big data plans. 

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