Cloud-Based Phone System vs. On-Premise

    Cloud-based, on-premise... what is the difference?

    Cloud-based phone systems have become increasingly popular over recent years, with businesses small and large choosing to head to the cloud when debating between cloud-based phone systems vs. on-premise software. However, the features offered by the cloud aren't for everyone by any means and, much like with any new investment, it's important to weigh up the respective benefits of the more modern cloud and the traditional on-premise. To start with, what's the difference between cloud-based phone systems and on-premise telephony? 

    On-premise telephony is the traditional solution. The software used is located within the workplace's premises, and you have complete control over the maintenance and hardware. In contrast, cloud-based phone systems are hosted, which means that you access your company data via an internet-accessed server. 

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    Benefits of on-premise telephony systems

    Let's take a look at some of the best features included with on-premise telephony systems.

    Complete control

    If you want ultimate control over your phone system, then on-premise could be the right solution for you. Manage all of the features, customise controls and make sure that your phone system fits your business like a glove. After all, you own the hardware, so you can essentially do whatever you like with it!

    Ultimate security

    On-premise phone systems are installed within your four walls, meaning that you don't have to trust a third party for data protection. Instead, you or delegated members of your team are fully responsible for the security protocol, meaning that you can make things as tough (or lenient) as you like.

    Call quality

    Having your own hardware means that you can avoid external factors outside of your control that might affect things such as voice quality over calls. Instead, you're completely in command of all the maintenance and usage of your telephony system.

    Benefits of cloud-based telephony systems

    Next, let's weigh up the main pros of cloud-based phone systems. 

    The cheap option

    The absence of hardware installation fees, as well as having to pay for potential maintenance costs down the line, means that cloud-based phone systems tend to be cheaper upfront. You simply pay a monthly fee, and everything else is taken care of for you.

    Flexible and scalable

    If your company is looking at expanding or hiring, then the scalability of cloud-based phone systems could be just the trick. Contracts are often very flexible, which gives you the option to add and remove users from your system as and when you need them 


    Rather than being tied to your office, cloud-based phone systems let you log in and view your company data from anywhere in the world, so long as you have an active WiFi connection. This makes it easy to respond to emails and make calls on the go, as well as enabling remote working. 

    The bottom line

    Cloud-based phone systems and on-premise both have their benefits and drawbacks, and there is no simple best option. In fact, the best option fully depends on you and your business's priorities. For more advice about finding your perfect phone system, contact us at