The Best Cloud Phone System for Small Businesses

    How to find the Best Cloud Phone System for a Small Business

    Finding the best cloud phone system for small businesses can be a struggle, with so many providers offering a sea of tariffs, offers and products. But what exactly is a cloud phone system, and how can it keep your business running smoothly and efficiently? 

    What is a cloud phone system?

    Forget everything you thought you knew about traditional phone systems: cloud-based solutions are changing the game. Modern and future-focused, cloud phone systems use VoIP (Voice-over-Internet Protocol) technology instead of the conventional copper lines used by PTSN landlines. Put in simpler terms, phone systems operating via the cloud transmit data via the internet. This means you can access the service and network through any form of technological medium, including your mobile phone, laptop, and even some desk phones. 

    What are the benefits of a cloud phone system?

    We're sure you're asking the all-important question: Is a cloud phone system really what's best for my small business? The short answer is probably yes, as cloud phone systems come with a host of features and benefits that make this a great communication solution for companies big and small, with more and more businesses choosing to switch from traditional telephones to internet-based communication. Read on to find out more about the features and benefits of going cloud-based. 

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    Lower in cost

    All businesses need to count the cost, and this is especially true if your business is either just starting out or on the smaller side. Cloud phone systems are the best cheap solution for small businesses as they often require less maintenance than traditional PTSN systems. Additionally, as everything operates via the internet, you don't have to pay extra costs for features such as minutes or voicemail. 

    Easy video calling

    Video conference calls have become the norm, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, with more and more businesses offering in a remote capacity. Most cloud phone systems allow your small business to stay connected with screen sharing and tools that let you control screens and replicate whiteboards, creating a personal and intimate virtual setting. 

    Convenient auto-attendants

    Managing your workload can be even more troublesome when you also have to handle a constant stream of customer calls. AI bots identify keywords from incoming callers and use these phrases to answer queries by directing the customer to the correct department. This handy cloud phone system integration leaves you with more time to spend building your small business, and less time wasted on mundane tasks. 

    Provision of call analytics 

    Whether you're building your business from the ground up or trying to maintain a successful customer rapport, it's important to keep track of where you went right and where you went wrong. Cloud-based phone systems allow your small business to keep track of important features such as call volume, call duration, answer speed and the cost of each call, allowing you to give your employees feedback and keep your customer service at its best. 

    Transfer and hold calls

    Distributing and handling your workload is important, especially if your team is on the smaller side. The call hold and transfer features on a cloud phone system allow you to place callers on hold, with custom music if you wish, until the right employee is available to take the call. 

    The bottom line

    If you're looking for a handy, cheaper and modern form of technology that will keep your business growing and thriving, a cloud phone system could be the way forward. To find out more about cloud-based phone systems, and how Your Comms Group can support your small business with our tariffs and solutions, contact us at