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Top Ten Advantages of VoIP Phone Systems

Top Ten Advantages of VoIP Phone Systems

An alternative to a public switched telephone network (PSTN), a VolP phone system allows you to transmit voice calls via an internet connection rather than using a standard landline. This feature will explain the top ten advantages of VoIP phone systems, explaining why this cutting-edge telephone system is used by businesses worldwide.

Ultimate flexibility


Unlike more conventional PSTN services, one of the ultimate benefits of VolP is flexibility. With bandwidth posing as the only limitation, you can easily craft a telephone system that meets your business needs, with the capacity to expand and add to existing phone systems, and add a seemingly limitless amount of users to your network.


Convenient and Transportable


Ideal for being on the move, VoIP phone systems provided your business with the element of portability. Whether your employees are working from home or travelling to a remote location, they can easily use your VoIP network to connect to your VoIP telephone system.


Cost Effective

One big draw of VoIP is its lower price in comparison to the older PSTN. The lack of need for multiple individual telephone lines makes this a much cheaper way to manage your business communications.


Versatile Features

Easily forward voicemails and messages with a single click and read voice-to-text transcriptions delivered directly to your inbox, all whilst taking a call. VoIP encourages multitasking and productivity, contributing to the rapid growth of your business.


Improved Call Quality

VoIP phone systems utilise HD voice through internet connectivity. This improves the clarity and audio quality of your phone calls, allowing smoother and more effective communication.



With the use of call-forwarding, you can redirect calls to a mobile or laptop in the case of a power outage or internet fault. Additionally, VoIP is constantly advancing, adopted by multiple businesses worldwide and developed over many years. These elements come together to make VoIP one of the most reliable ways to connect your business through telephony technology.


Future Oriented

BT is aiming for a switch-off of ISDN and PSTN lines in 2025, meaning that switching to a VoIP phone system in advance will help you and your business stay ahead.


Lowered Risk of Redundancy

Relating to the aforementioned ISDN and PSTN switch-off, replacing your existing telephone system with VoIP ensures a modern telephony system that won’t give way to redundancy. This also secures your business investment. With VoIP being the modern standard for business communication, you can be assured that your investment will be protected for the foreseeable.



The scalability of a system in business is invaluable. VoIP can handle an increasing (or decreasing) workload with no effect on productivity, allowing you to add new users and lines with ease, at little to no cost.


All-In-One Communications


Moving away from technology with limited functions, VoIP integrates instant messaging, internet browsing, call recording and emails into one single telephony service. In this regard, VoIP is a very attractive option for businesses looking to maximise their efficiency.

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