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The ISDN Switch-Off: Important Dates and Alternative Solutions

The ISDN Switch-Off: Important Dates and Alternative Solutions

In November 2017, BT announced that all ISDN and PSTN lines would be switched off in 2025. This means that millions of consumers and businesses in the UK will need to migrate to alternative technologies such as FTTP and hosted VoIP.


The ISDN Switch-Off (7)-1


These alternatives offer faster speeds, improved reliability, and the ability to future-proof your business. If you are looking for advice or support during this transition then you are in the right place. Your Comms Group can help you make the move that makes sense for your business. 


Why the Switch-Off Is Happening


ISDN and PSTN systems run on old copper PTSN lines that cost millions of pounds in maintenance every year. With the rise of remote working and advancements in technology, these networks simply cannot keep up with demand. Additionally, copper networks cannot match the speeds and quality required for modern communication needs.




July 2018 - The Beginning of the Migration


In 2018, Openreach began constructing fibre lines across the UK, starting with densely populated areas like London and Manchester. However, as of 2018, over two million businesses in the UK had not completed the migration to alternative technologies, and more than one-third of all UK businesses were still using copper-based systems.


March 2020 - Countdown to the Switch-Off Begins


The government announced in 2020 that a transitional access product, SoTAP, would be available for those unable to receive fibre internet services. By 2025, 85% of the UK is expected to have access to full fibre, which will enable users who cannot get FTTP to stay connected and sustain their communication.




September 2023 - The Stop Sell Date

In September 2023, organisations will no longer be able to sell any copper-related products that will soon be switched off. This means that businesses that do not migrate to alternative technologies like fibre or SoGEA may lose the support and maintenance of their existing copper lines. The stop-sell is a gradual approach that has already been completed in some parts of the UK, but the full stop-sell will occur in September 2023.


December 2025 - The Switch-Off Date


In December 2025, the national grid of both ISDN and PSTN lines will be switched off. By this date, 85% of the country should be on alternative fibre services that will enable them to stay connected and in contact.


Alternative Solutions


ISDN alternatives include VoIP and Cloud-Based telephony, which come with reliable and consistent call quality. If your area is part of the 85% that will be covered with FTTP, your connectivity will be replaced with fibre. If not, alternative solutions such as SoGEA or a Leased Line may be necessary.




When to Make the Move


The best time to start the migration process is now. Reach out to a professional service provider to start the process and find out which of your technologies will be affected by the switch-off. By ensuring your business continuity over the coming years, you can avoid any surprise interruptions caused by the switch-off.




The ISDN switch-off is coming, and businesses must adapt to new technologies to remain competitive and operational. By making the move to alternative solutions like fibre, VoIP, and Cloud-Based telephony, you can improve your communication systems' reliability and prepare your business for the future. 

If you are looking for advice and support to make the move that makes sense to your business then get in touch with Your Comms Group.



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