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VoIP for Real Estate

VoIP for Real Estate

If you are looking for the perfect business communications service for real estate, VoIP is a popular all-in-one solution. However, what is VoIP, and why is it so well suited to real estate firms? 

Technology has been a huge asset to the business world in many ways. From the seamless control and deployment enabled by IoT to planning software that has transformed the domiciliary care sector, technological innovations are helping a range of business spheres to save time, expand, and increase profitability. 

However, VoIP is arguably the main buzzword on everyone's lips at the moment. This particular form of communication technology has made a big splash in recent years, with more and more businesses choosing VoIP solutions to replace deficit public switched telephone networks. 

For readers who are unfamiliar with the term, VoIP stands for Voice-over-Internet-Protocol. Unlike PTSN systems, that operate using an interconnected web of telephone lines, VoIP provides communication services via internet connection. 

Most of the time, VoIP phones are generally lower in cost and much more flexible than traditional telephone systems. They often come with a range of customisable features, making VoIP an appealing investment for businesses looking for something a little more bespoke. 

Unsurprisingly, the real estate market is one that has benefited greatly from VoIP technology. With an expected annual growth rate of 5.2% between 2022 and 2030, keeping on top of sales, connections and clients is going to become more difficult than ever, which is why it is important for companies to have the correct tools at their disposal. 

VoIP for real estate is a transformative communications solution. Let's take a look at some of the big benefits for real estate teams who choose to invest in VoIP technology. 


With more and more real estate businesses joining the global market, it should be each company's priority to stand out as offering a superior customer experience to the rest. That is why one overarching benefit of VoIP for real estate is an improvement in customer service. 

VoIP ensures that callers are never left unattended. For instance, if an interested party was to contact a real estate team using a traditional phone system and the line was engaged, the caller would be forced to hang up and try again later. In this time, the potential client may have found a different real estate service that meets their needs and answers the phone straight away. 

Alternatively, VoIP systems utilise a virtual switchboard. This means that multiple team members can access the phone at one time, allowing for several calls to be answered at once. If there isn't a team member available to talk, then the call will be placed in a queue.

Many VoIP systems allow for customisable call queues, providing features such as hold music and automated messages to let the potential client know that their query will be answered as soon as possible. This provides a superior and more attentive customer experience. 

Remote working capabilities

Remote working is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a huge 80% increase in 20 years. Working from home is predicted to only increase further throughout the next few years, with more and more businesses opting for location-based flexibility. 

Traditional communications hardware can be limiting in this sense, as it usually requires workers to be on-site in order to access key data. However, VoIP is much more flexible, and makes it easy for users to make and take calls from anywhere in the world. 

For example, if a real estate agent is working away from the office, they can still answer incoming calls from their smartphone without any difficulty. If the team member is taking care of another client, or is unable to take the call, they can either set an automated message explaining their status to callers or forward the call to another colleague instead. 

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Additionally, the remote nature of VoIP for real estate gives companies the capacity to establish their presence worldwide. If a real estate team wishes to sell property abroad, they can obtain phone numbers with a prefix belonging to a different location (such as 351 for Portugal, for example) and still answer calls to this number from the office. 

This is a huge benefit for companies who are looking to place advertisements in numerous countries. Rather than alienating customers with UK prefixes, real estate agencies can use VoIP to establish trust by using a native area code. 


One of the biggest draws to VoIP systems for all forms of business is the flexibility that comes along with this style of telecommunications, and this works especially well when it comes to VoIP for real estate. Some examples of the flexibility provided by VoIP are as follows. 

  • Scalability. As with any industry, the workload in real estate can alter drastically depending on clientele. With this in mind, VoIP systems allow businesses to add and remove phone lines whenever needed, allowing services to be upscaled or downscaled depending on demand. 

  • Customisable voicemail management. Sometimes, listening to a string of voicemails can feel all too much like a chore. VoIP allows voicemails to be directed to email instead, making the content easier to digest and condense. 

  • Access to call reports. VoIP systems allow designated agents to access detailed call reports. This mainly services two functions. Firstly, it allows those in a managerial position to check that all enquiries have been followed up on, and all calls have been answered. Secondly, call reports can act as a valuable staff training tool, allowing real estate businesses to view their strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments appropriately.

  • Integrations. Sometimes, a simple call system just isn't enough. That is why a lot of VoIP systems used for real estate provide users with the chance to integrate their VoIP system with other business applications. For example, CRM software integrations make it easy to manage customer relationships and encourage a higher calibre of team productivity. 

How to Choose the best VoIP system for Real estate

By equipping businesses with VoIP systems, Your Comms Group are pushing company communications into the future. Rather than staying tied to traditional modes of communication, we believe that it is important to move with the times to prevent being left behind. 

If your real estate business is interested in upgrading to a VoIP network, there is no time like the present - and nobody better equipped to help than Your Comms Group. Our range of VoIP solutions are always bespoke. Simply get in touch with our professional team for advice on the best VoIP system for you, or take a look at our website for more information. 




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