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Which Cloud is Best for IoT?

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There are an abundance of IoT cloud platforms out there on the web, and we know how hard it can be to decide which cloud platform is best for your IoT. 

When you're trying to propel your business in the direction of growth and success, or, alternatively, you're already part of an ever-expanding enterprise, using the wrong tools for the job can be detrimental. This is true in every sense, including the way that you choose to manage your technology. 

Choosing the right cloud platform for your IoT devices might seem like a minefield, and the wrong decision could result in you feeling less than satisfied with the performance of your tech. To help you to decide which cloud is best for your IoT, let's take a look at a definition and a few potential benefits, 

IoT cloud platforms: a definition

IoT cloud platforms combine high-tech IoT devices with the easy access and capabilities of cloud computing. By connecting your IoT devices to the cloud, you can easily and simply manage your IoT devices and applications all from one place, as well as perform other administrative operations, as well as generally making sure everything is kept in check. The main infrastructure, including storage and servers, is also stored in the cloud, keeping all of the information surrounding your IoT devices accessible and at your fingertips. 

You might be wondering how the IoT cloud platform is different from the traditional cloud. One big difference is the cloud platform's scalability. The software has the ability to deal with processing high quantities of data generated by multiple devices, all in real time. 

The integration of these two technologies has been known to increase business efficiency and productivity, as well as being more secure, cost-effective and flexible. But what are some of the features of IoT cloud platforms? And how do you decide which cloud is best for your IoT devices? 

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Factors to consider when choosing your perfect platform

Now we're on the same page regarding the cloud and IoT, let's take a look at a few of the factors and benefits that you might want to consider when you make that all important decision. 


Cloud-based IoT allows for a lot more flexibility that on-premise infrastructure. Instead of having to purchase more hardware when you decide to scale up on your IoT devices, you can quickly lease a virtual server or extra cloud space. Simple. 


it's widely agreed that keeping your data in the cloud is more secure than storing it on-premise. If you're especially concerned about security, it might be worth investing in a cloud platform that offers monitoring for your devices 24/7.


Cloud IoT platforms generally work out as a cheaper option, with a lower cost upfront, flexible pricing options and the lack of maintenance costs that might come with on-premise hardware. 


Cloud IoT platforms let you access important data from absolutely anywhere. This can be especially important if you need to monitor your devices in real time, and can't wait to be on-site or near your network. 

The bottom line

There are a lot of benefits that come with choosing a cloud IoT platform and, whilst most options come with an overlap of features, it is always worth analysing the needs of your business and weighing up which features matter the most in order to find which cloud is best for your IoT.

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