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Transforming Connectivity with Three: Revolutionize Private Networks through 5G

Transforming Connectivity with Three: Revolutionize Private Networks through 5G

Three, a telecommunication powerhouse, has been at the forefront of innovation as technology advances, shaping how people connect and communicate. With operations in multiple countries, Three has consistently pushed boundaries, introducing solutions to meet the evolving demands in this digital era. Now, Three is one of the potential telco companies with the capabilities of 5G technology, unlocking new possibilities for connectivity.

In this article, we will dive into how Three is leveraging 5G to transform private networks, offering many new benefits in IoT (Internet of Things) deployment, data handling capabilities, and machine connectivity. This will reshape the industry and drive forward the digital future.


The Evolution of Connectivity: From 3G to 5G

The 3G connectivity was introduced in 2001. It was considered revolutionary compared to prior networks, allowing mobile phones and other devices to connect to the Internet wherever the device is located.

Eight years later, in 2009, 4G was introduced for commercial use in Norway. When it first came out, 4G was not 4G yet, as it was 3.9G or 3.95G instead. However, the ITU-R decided it could be labelled as 4G later in response to the amount of effort that tech manufacturers put into achieving this.

South Korea was the first country to offer 5G in 2019, which was claimed to be 20 times faster than 4G. Latency is also reduced, which increases download and upload speed. 5G is designed to support the massive growth of IoT and enable a wide range of connected devices and sensors. Other than that, the reliability and energy efficiency were also improved, which makes 5G capable of supporting critical communication services.


How Three Revolutionize Private Networks Through 5G

To support 5G technology, Three invested in upgrading the network infrastructure to ensure coverage and capacity. The objective is to meet the growing demand for high-speed connectivity from urban, suburban, and rural areas. This also includes private networks, which have several benefits, including:

  • Better efficiency

    Significant increase in network speed, higher bandwidth, and lower latency. Real-time monitoring of machinery improves operational efficiency and enables predictive maintenance.

  • Increased reliability

    5G can provide high network reliability and better coverage over a larger area. This also means more devices can be connected with consistent performance.

  • Improved Security

    Excellent control for enterprises with more robust encryption, authentication options, and network slicing.

Three also leverages 5G technology alongside the private network to provide enhanced connectivity solutions for IoT deployment across various industries. Bandwidth and capacity are increased, which makes Three’s 5G suited for IoT that requires faster data transmission, such as intelligent manufacturing, smart cities, and connected vehicles.


IoT-specific services and platforms are also designed to simplify device management, data analytics, and application development. It empowers businesses to push the full potential of IoT technology.


Future Prospects and Opportunities

The future holds immense business potential as Three continues expanding its 5G infrastructure and improving its private networks and IoT deployment capabilities.  For example, the manufacturing sector can leverage high-speed connectivity to enable intelligent factories by optimising production processes and enhancing automation. In the healthcare sector, remote patients will be easier to monitor, and telemedicine and connected medical devices can be improved.

IoT-enabled solutions can enhance supply chain visibility and optimise and improve operational efficiency in the transportation and logistics sector.

As technology evolves and innovations emerge, businesses must remain agile and adaptable. Investing in 5G technology lays the foundation for future advancements, such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), augmented reality, and edge computing.


  • Three, as a powerhouse in the telecommunication sector, advances to improving the infrastructure of 5G. It also ensures the transformation in private networks and IoT deployment, which offers new connectivity, reliability, and scalability benefits.

  • By leveraging the 5G technology, Three empowers businesses across industries to embrace digital transformation, which allows them to keep innovating and unlock new growth opportunities

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From enhancing mobile solutions to pioneering IoT and VoIP services, we ensure your business stays ahead in the digital transformation journey. Take advantage of the opportunity to transform your private network and unlock new potential. 

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