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How Three IoT Solutions Helps you to achieve your zero carbon solution

How Three IoT Solutions Helps you to achieve your zero carbon solution

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical items linked to the Internet. It has been used more frequently in businesses in recent years. Devices and gadgets related to the Internet abound. According to estimates, by 2020, there will be 30 billion of these devices worldwide. What an incredible number!

Industry should no longer see IoT as a new technology that only aims to improve performance and reduce energy consumption. Implementing IoT solutions is an efficient way to assist businesses in reaching their sustainability goals. 

This article will discover three IoT sustainability solutions to achieve zero carbon goals and the best implementation practices.

Why Businesses Need to Implement a Zero Carbon Solution


Apart from regulatory pressure for climate mitigation in the future, shifting consumer preferences mean that companies must transition towards a zero-carbon footprint.

By implementing zero-carbon solutions for carbon footprint reduction, businesses can reduce operational costs through energy efficiency measures. This step will improve the brand's reputation so that it can access new markets and investment opportunities that align with sustainable business practices.

In addition, implementing zero-carbon solutions will encourage innovation, improvement in green technology, and more resilient business models. Ultimately, these solutions enable businesses to take action on global climate change.

Three’s IoT solutions can support businesses in implementing corporate plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon solutions.

According to an Ericsson report, companies can cut emissions by 63. 5 gigatons by 2030. The Internet of Things is starting to act as a catalyst to lower greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency across industries. 

How to Achieve Zero Carbon Solution with Internet of Things (IoT)


The implementation of intelligent IoT solutions is causing another industrial revolution. The reason is simple: small devices connected to the internet increase productivity, minimise unexpected expenses and affect job security. Below are the IoT Solutions from Three to help businesses achieve zero carbon:

Energy Efficiency through Increased Automation

Industrial IoT solutions enable businesses to monitor and optimise energy usage in real-time. By leveraging sensors and automation as part of sustainable operations, companies can identify inefficiencies and implement proactive measures to reduce energy consumption.

Remote site monitoring continuously monitors energy usage across various facilities, enabling prompt identification and resolution of leaks or equipment malfunctions that may lead to energy wastage. Therefore, these IoT solutions help to reduce the need for backup systems that may rely on carbon-intensive energy sources.

Smart Energy Grids and Metering

IoT-enabled smart grids optimise energy distribution by intelligently managing the flow of electricity. This helps reduce wastage and ensures that renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, are integrated efficiently into the grid.

Smart meters provide real-time data on energy consumption, allowing consumers to make informed decisions about their energy usage. Smart meters encourage energy conservation and adopting energy-efficient practices by empowering customers with insights into their energy usage patterns.

By leveraging these IoT for sustainability from Three, businesses and communities can optimise energy usage, integrate renewable energy sources more effectively, and empower consumers to adopt sustainable practices.

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Challenges in IoT Implementation

Apart from its benefits, IoT technology in the energy sector also faces challenges both from within the system itself and from the surrounding environment, including:

  • Insufficient Internet connection

IoT connects all human activities via the internet network. However, not all regions have adequate connections due to environmental, economic and regulatory factors. For this reason, IoT implementation becomes less effective because bandwidth used, server costs, etc., need to be considered. Inadequate connections will undoubtedly reduce the effectiveness of a machine or application.

To solve this challenge, companies must utilise wired and wireless communication technologies, such as cellular networks, satellite communication, or low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs), to ensure connectivity in every region. 

  • Security system

Cyber attacks can target connections between devices via the Internet. In other words, security risks can still be threatened even though the device already has a reliable security system. For this reason, several preventive measures are needed, such as data backup and cloud storage management, end-to-end encryption, and a multi-layered security framework.



  • Applying IoT for resource management, energy efficiency, and sustainable operations can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and increase operational effectiveness.
  • Businesses can effectively achieve zero carbon goals by implementing intelligent IoT solutions from Three, such as energy efficiency through increased automation, smart energy grids, and metering.
  • Internet connections and security systems are two things that need to be considered when a company implements IoT in its system.

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