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iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14

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September 16th 2022 was the release date of four new iPhone Models, better known as the iPhone 14. Apple is known for releasing major updates or new models around this time of year and yes as you can imagine social media platforms and the Web go into meltdown around the launch date comparing the new models from the previous model from the year before. This is where this blog from Your Comms may come in handy as we compare the iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14 with the pros, cons and differences between the two models. 


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Smartphones over the years have become multifunctional devices meaning they cover all types of needs for all kinds of users. So when writing a blog around the comparisons of a device it can become a very long and inconclusive read so we have chosen certain features that we believe buyers pay the most attention to. After doing research into this we found one of the major questions asked on Google was.


Is the iPhone 13 Waterproof? 


The easy answer is Yes! Since the iPhone 7 and upwards all iPhones have come with a Splash proof feature, which Apple say they have tested under laboratory conditions along with dust resistance.  Splashproof is however not waterproof so take caution when testing this yourself... However, the Iphone13 has a rating of IP68 under IEC standards, meaning you can drop your iPhone or take it into waters up to 6 metres for a maximum of 30 minutes. The tests conducted for this were done in freshwater, so salt water may have a completely different result due to the reaction of the salt with the device. The iPhone 14 has the same rating currently as the iPhone 13. You can read more information on Apple's official website or click here.


Which iPhone Has The Best Overall Camera?


The iPhone 14 has much better camera and photography features than the iPhone 13. . The low light photography in the iPhone 14 is much faster and brighter than previous models. Unlike the iPhone 13, the iPhone 14 comes with an Action mode. Action mode has been named one of the top new characteristics from Apple that is likely to be used by users a lot more than in comparison to the iPhone 13´s Cinematic mode. Action mode has been released mainly to help with stabilisation when shooting a video shoot. Also the front camera - known as the selfie camera or face id camera - is also much more vivid on the iPhone 14. If you are looking at investing in an iPhone for photography purposes we recommend you go with the iPhone 14. 

Is The iPhone 14 The Same Size And Design? Will my iPhone 13 case be Usable? 


Another commonly asked question when upgrading iPhone models is will I be able to use my same phone case? In short, the answer is sadly no. We all know how expensive phone cases can be and there is nothing more frustrating than when your new phone doesn't fit your old case! When you look at the new iPhone 14s design at first you would think my case will work but unfortunately, that is not the case ( get it ! ) Even though both standard models of the 13 and 14 are the same size, the iPhone 14 camera protrudes slightly more than the 13 and is only really recognisable when laying the phone side by side on a flat surface. Another subtle change is the buttons on the side have slightly moved. 

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Processors and RAM 


This section is for those who pay more attention to the performance of their phone as a whole and more in-depth than the average user, otherwise known as “Techies”. Firstly the first point we noticed was that both the iPhone 13 and 14 are using the A15 chip. Even though the same chip is in use there are slight differences in terms of the GPU. The standard iPhone 14 has the GPU as the iPhone 13 pro so slightly quicker processing speed than the standard A15 which is the iPhone 13. This is a massive pro for those of you who use your smartphone for mobile gaming. The GPU increase is easily recognisable when running high-end gaming but for the standard user you may not see the difference. That being said the iPhone 13 comes with 4Gb of ram and a 4-core GPU where, whereas the iPhone 14 comes with 6Gb ram and 5-core GPU so even the average user will notice the performance on the latest iPhone 14 to be smoother and slightly faster than its previous models. 


How Much Does The iPhone 14 Cost?


Apple's iPhone 14 starts at the same price as its previous models of £849 Great British Pounds for the basic model. Higher spec models such as the iPhone 14 pro-Max are slightly more than its previous model iPhone 13 pro-Max, but like many of the other features on the new iPhone, the price is the same. For those who have older models than the 13 though, you will see a drastic price decrease for the iPhone 13 in used phone shops or other retailers as they will be looking to shift stock ready to focus on the iPhone's latest model 14. If you already have the iPhone 13 but want to upgrade to the latest model the average trade-in price for 13 in good condition can range between  £350-500 GBP. 

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So Is The iPhone 14 Worth It? 


Again this question is open to personal preference and what device you currently have. For those of you that have an iPhone 11 or lower, We would personally say it is worth the upgrade, but if you already have an iPhone 13  We would personally wait until the next release, as rumours are Apple will release their next chip - the A16. Then again if you are starting to work in the field of photography or gaming then the latest iPhone 14 is the best Apple phone on the market. It all comes down to what you use your phone for. As a standard user, we would say the iPhone 13 is a better buy as there weren't enough drastic changes in the latest upgrade by Apple.


If you are still not sure or would like to speak to one of our experts to help you decide what device is best for your business needs feel free to contact one of our experts here at Your Comms Group UK.  


 Or likewise use the following link to see our business plan prices for the iPhone 13 here.

 Likewise, you can see the latest iPhone 14 prices here 


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