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FTTP vs FTTC Broadband: What is the difference?

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What is the difference between FTTP vs. FTTC broadband? With FTTP, the local exchange's fibre broadband internet is connected to your home's router, providing speeds of 1Gbps or even more. In contrast, FTTC is a more widely available form of broadband, but is also slightly slower, connecting via conventional copper cables rather than fibre optic cabling.

Of course, the high speed of FTTP broadband is one of its main draws. Offering more than just a quick internet connection, FTTP often also has very strong upload and download speeds, with some areas providing up to 50Mps upload and 300 Mbps download.

Surprisingly, FTTP is also relatively affordable, with the lack of need to rent phone lines only adding to the lower cost. However, the drawback is that FTTP may be slightly harder to find, as it is currently slightly less readily available than FTTC. Of course, broadband speed isn’t a priority for every business and, if this is the case for you, then the usually slightly cheaper FTTC might be the way forward. Although the upload and download speeds are lacking in comparison to FTTP broadband, FTTC is much more readily available and easy to access. Despite being somewhat limited, the FTTC broadband speed is still sufficient and it is often more affordable than FTTP, meaning that it could be the right balance between cost and connection.

Find the Top FTTP & FTTC providers in the UK

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How to Land the Best Business Broadband deal in the UK

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