Office in a Box

Connect to your business from anywhere

Office in a Box: Secure Connection Anywhere, Anytime


Powered by our partnership with Three IoT, this plug-and-play solution offers high-speed,
cost-effective connectivity in the most challenging locations and any business needs. 
Backed by a Fully Managed and Monitored IoT Service, it's the ideal choice for expanding
your WAN coverage without the usual constraints or costs.
  • Perfect for Temporary or Permanent Offices and Welfare Cabins.
  • Mobile & Easy to Install Anywhere.
  • Solution to the PSTN Switch-Off / 3G Sunset
  • Rapidly Deploy a Secure Connection Anywhere with a built-in VPN.
  • You can always connect to the Fastest Connection with the most available Bandwidth.
  • Multi-network global IOT SIMs that support 5G connectivity
  • Supports multiple simultaneous users
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Key Benefits of the Office in a Box

Our Office in a Box allows our customers to unlock the potential of high-speed mobile networks by delivering high-performance and reliable WAN connectivity anytime, anyplace and anywhere. 

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Our IoT Solutions provide a comprehensive answer to mitigate the challenges posed by the switch-off.

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Quick Setup

With Your Comms Group IoT solution, enjoy a rapidly deployable system for seamless work anywhere, anytime.

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High Speed Connectivity

Experience lightning-fast connection speeds with our IoT Solution, ensuring you're powered by the fastest connectivity available.

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Enhanced Security

Our solution guarantees the utmost security for your network, ensuring your business operates on the most reliable network connections.

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Why Choose Us

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IoT Experts

With extensive experience, we lead the way in IoT innovation and solutions tailored to your specific industry needs.


Fully Managed Service

Our fully managed IoT service ensures comprehensive support from our expert team at every stage of your journey.


All-inclusive solution

Our IoT Solution includes hardware, software, SIM, network usage and insurance at a monthly charge. Enjoy seamless connectivity!


Quickly Deployed on Site

Carry your remote office with you wherever you go, ensuring productivity and connectivity at your fingertips.


Secure & Monitored 

Enjoy peace of mind with our secure and monitored network, safeguarding your data and ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.


No Long Term Contracts

Experience the freedom of no long-term contracts with us—no obligations, just the opportunity to try our services and see the difference for yourself.


For Remote Workers

Empowered for remote workers: Carry your fast, reliable connection with you wherever you go and stay connected seamlessly. Enjoy a secure network!


Mobile & Easy to Move

Portable and versatile: Be connected wherever you go conveniently, with security and fast speed, and it can fit in a small box. Enjoy the freedom with YCG.

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Offers always-on availability for workers and devices, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for business-critical applications.

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Quick Setup

Designed for rapid deployment, businesses can quickly establish and scale their enterprise infrastructure without complex and expensive installations.

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High-Speed Connectivity 

Provides superfast speeds for multiple users, enhancing devices’ and applications’ efficiency and responsiveness.

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Enhanced Security

Incorporates robust security measures to protect network connections and data, ensuring a safe environment for employees and IoT operations.

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