Best PBX Business Phone System

    The best PBX phone system for your business

    Acting as an alternative to the traditional landline or mobile telephone, PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone systems are designed specifically for businesses and provide a whole variety of suitable features that allow your company to function smoothly and efficiently. Whether you decide on the standard PBX, or the improved IP PBX phone system that utilises VoIP support, it is important that you choose the best PBX business phone system and features for you and your company. To help, here are the Top 5 PBX Phone Features used by our Customers.

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    Route your mobile calls

    Constant, portable communication is key, and PBX supports this by offering mobile call routing. With PBX, your business and personal communications can remain on the same device, but with alternate identities, keeping everything nice and compact. Inbound calls to the PBX are routed straight to the mobile device, while outbound calls display the appropriate business caller ID and, dependent on location, the PBX system handily switches between cellular and WiFi networks. 

    Communicate when it is convenient

    It isn't always the right time and place to listen to a lengthy voicemail. With PBX, your voicemail messages are converted to text and sent to you through email or text message using voicemail transcription, so you can read them over first and send a response when it is the most convenient for you. 

    Keep everything secure 

    One of the backbones of any good business is strong, reliable security features to keep everything running smoothly. Cloud-based security features do just that. For example, set up conferences with single-use access codes and enhanced password protection using encryption tools provided by a lot of modern, leading phone systems. Voice encryption, as well as IM traffic and signalling, are just a couple of ways that PBX phone systems help to keep your information private. 

    Stay in control

    Active call controls allow you to maintain the upper hand in your calls. Thanks to VoIP support, features such as monitoring, whispering and barging allow you to listen in, break in and join calls whenever you wish. Similarly, there is the option to record entire calls so you can listen back when you need a quick reminder about the contents of that important meeting. 

    Save time

    The PBX auto attendant feature is the perfect way for your business to save time and money. Avoid the laborious task of routing and re-routing callers, as this PBX system feature automatically navigates customers through a set of recorded options that eventually point them towards the right person or extension. 

    Is PBX the perfect fit?

    If PBX phone systems are the way forward for you, then let one of our Experts compare all your options based on your requirements. A consultation is free and is guaranteed to save you time and money. We provide a no chase guarantee with no obligation.

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