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If the name means nothing to you, some of the products that are made from expanded polystyrene are probably very familiar.


A little bit about Jablite

One of our oldest clients is Jablite, one of the UK’s foremost manufacturers and suppliers of expanded polystyrene (EPS) products, and we’ve been supplying the company’s mobile telephony and comms solutions for a decade now.

At a consumer level, the chances are you’ve most likely encountered EPS in packaging. This moulded polystyrene is used to protect delicate or valuable goods in transit – things like laptops, white goods, furniture, and so on.

But it’s the larger scale applications for EPS that Jablite specialise in, manufacturing and supplying products you probably rarely see and almost certainly never touch – but which are every bit a part of your day to day life as the rigid packaging that encased your last laptop.

If you travel anywhere by train in London, cross bridges, or live in one of any number of residential developments Jablite has been involved with then you’ve benefited from the work they do and the reputation for excellence that they’ve built

From the three manufacturing sites around the UK it Shares with its sister company Styropack – in Aberdeen, Howden in Yorkshire and Ford on the East Sussex coast – Jablite specialises in the manufacture of EPS solutions for civil engineering and insulation applications.

Its safety- and quality-certified Fillmaster, Ground Heave, and thermal floor, wall and roof insulation solutions have made the business the go-to partner for pan-UK engineering maintenance contractors like Network Rail, dozens of leading large-scale property developers and local authorities that are tasked with managing scores of building, refurbishment or landscaping projects around the country and overseas.

And as you might expect from a business whose products become part of our living world, it’s a business that places a huge amount of importance on minimising the footprint it leaves on the environment.

Its dynamic, forward-looking approach is focused on helping to deliver a sustainable future. Jablite’s insulation products, for example, are 98% air and their lightweight nature means less fuel is used transporting the manufactured product from the factory to the site where it will be used.

And all Jablite insulation products are 100% recyclable, with manufacturing offcuts re-used in the production of new products and project offcuts collected from site on request and recycled into new insulation board.

As you might imagine, the manufacturing and supply chain lifecycles that drive Jablite’s business are demanding and require technology that’s not just agile and adaptable, but which also has the capacity to handle and support complex data and communications traffic.


The YCG Solution

Over the last 10 years we’ve provided mobile technology solutions that have had to keep pace with the changing demands and expectations of an ever-changing commercial environment.

Today we supply them with the 80 VOIP phones that are critical to maintain business resilience, and ensure their fleet are able to deliver continuous and unbroken logistics between factory and site thanks to 45 mobile smart phones which are supported by our Mobile Device Management software.

In order to serve multiple business locations, network connectivity was originally achieved through leased lines via Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) which routed data and comms traffic using the shortest path based on ‘labels’ rather than network addresses.

This had the advantage of improving data speeds and minimising downtime when users were connected to the network.

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