Signal Boosters for Construction and Mobile Facilities

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Your Comms Group provides the ultimate solution for connectivity challenges in the construction industry and mobile facilities.
Our Signal Boosters ensure you stay connected, no matter where you are.

Key Features


Unmatched Signal Strength

Enjoy reliable internet access even in the most remote locations.

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Expansive Coverage

Cover large areas with ease. Perfect for sprawling construction sites and mobile setups.

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Effortless Setup

Quick and simple setup to minimise downtime and maximise productivity.


Construction Sites

Seamless communication and data transfer. Enhance project management and operational efficiency.

Temporary Offices and Welfare Cabins:

Reliable connectivity for temporary setups. Consistent communication, no matter where.

Mobile Clinics and Classrooms:

Enhanced internet access for mobile facilities. Support essential services and education on the go.


Signal Boosters

Our advanced mobile repeater system enhances signals for EE, O2, Vodafone, and Three, resolving dropped calls and poor data issues on construction sites and within cabin buildings.

Signal Boosters utilise a high-gain external antenna to capture strong signals outside, feeding them into a Network Unit. These signals are then distributed by Coverage Units throughout the building, creating a seamless supercell.

We offer superior coverage for construction sites, cabins, and modular buildings, ensuring unlimited reach.

Experience uninterrupted connectivity with our managed services, including ongoing support, digital performance monitoring, and automatic updates to adapt to continual network changes.


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Why Choose Us

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Robust Performance

Strong, stable signal boosting. Optimal performance in any environment.


Scalable Solutions

Adaptable for any facility size. From small offices to large construction sites.

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Dependable Service

Fully managed and monitored. Continuous support and maintenance.


Flexible Agreements

No long-term contracts are required. It's tailored to suit your specific needs.


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