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Why IoT Needs 5G

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IoT and 5G: why they need each other! The Internet of Things has come along in leaps and bounds in recent years, with its rise in popularity making it obvious why IoT needs 5G to improve the speed and reliability of these technologically advanced devices. 

IoT has had an indisputable effect on life as we know it. With the amount of IoT devices in use predicted to increase to a whopping 3.2 billion by the time we reach 2023, we find ourselves living in a world where health conditions can be monitored remotely, industrial manufacturers use robots to save on human labour and turning on your living room lights can be done with a simple voice command. 5G has caused a similar impact on efficiency and productivity, allowing for more stable connections that are continuing to advance all the time - even as you read this article. 

In this regard, it makes sense that IoT and 5G is a partnership worth raving about. 5G IoT technology goes beyond just another technological advancement; it's transforming the way we communicate globally, combining unrivaled speed with ever-expanding bandwidth and an extraordinary efficiency of power. 

Why IoT needs 5G: the benefits 

Let's get into the specifics. In order to fully understand why IoT needs 5G, it's worth analysing the benefits from every angle, so you can be 100% certain that 5G IoT is worth it before making that all-important investment. 

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Decreased latency

There's nothing more frustrating than attempting to execute an urgent command on your IoT device only to be forced to wait for everything to kick into action. Luckily, with 5G you can say goodbye to lags with a ten times lower latency than that of 4G. How does this help IoT? A decrease in latency means that actions can now be performed in real time, making tasks such as remote intervention in surgical procedures, transport systems and control over machinery such as industrial plants all running much quicker and smoother. 

Higher transmission speeds

Have all the information you need at your fingertips, no matter where you are in the world, without having to wait. 5G with IoT can increase transmission speed all the way to 15-20 Gbps, and added emphasis on using the cloud means that there will no longer be a need for the installation of processors in your IoT devices. Instead, you can speedily and seamlessly execute commands from the cloud itself. 

Increase in connected devices 

One of the biggest selling points of IoT is its unusual capacity for connectivity. One reason why IoT needs 5G is to increase the amount of connected devices further, allowing all IoT solutions to benefit from instant, real-time internet connections, making them able to exchange data. at super-fast speeds. For example, industrial plants could potentially have thousands of IoT devices installed and connected, all operating smoothly and effectively via 5G. 

More reliable connections

The result of a decrease in latency and an increase in connected devices and speed means connections that are much more reliable overall. Reliable connections are important for IoT in every form, but especially for purposes such as home security systems, medical equipment and other devices that need real-time updates in order to be fully valuable. 

The bottom line 

It's clear that IoT needs 5G for speed, reliability and an increase in productivity. All of these features can be a great asset to your business communications. At Your Comms Group, we provide multi-network IoT SIM cards with multi-card discounts. Various bespoke tariffs are available so you can make the right choice for your team. Get in touch with an agent today, or view our prices online. 


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