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What is CQC Compliance?

What is CQC Compliance?

If you work in the healthcare sector, you have likely heard of CQC compliance - but what is CQC compliance exactly, and why is it so important? 

In the UK, medical services as we know them are constantly changing and evolving. The COVID-19 pandemic has particularly elevated the speed of this change in recent years, with regulations surrounding sustainability and health and safety precautions changing quickly and dramatically. 

Of course, another key change to the world of healthcare has been the introduction of the day-to-day use of technology. From the NHS app to investments in AI, digitised tools have had an undeniably positive impact on the operations of the UK's healthcare system, with one government study arguing that the use of technology has improved healthcare and will fundamentally allow the NHS to save billions of pounds. 

One of the more popular forms of healthcare technology is domiciliary care software. The perfect solution for homecare workers, domiciliary care software replaces the time-consuming act of physical note-taking, filing and scheduling with one centralised base of operations that can be accessed via an application on your mobile device.

Of course, with any new practice comes the need for regulation, to ensure that everything is running as it should and to the highest possible standard.

This is where the CQC comes in. Let's take a look at what CQC compliance is, and how it can benefit your domiciliary care team. 

The role of cqc compliance 

If you're looking to move into a career in the health and social care sector and have seen the phrase 'CQC compliance' kicking around for quite sometime without establishing exactly what it is, you are not alone. Luckily, the explanation is relatively straightforward. 

The CQC, or the Care Quality Commission, sets the baseline for all standards within the health industry. They cover every practice from your local dentist to the UK's largest hospitals. 

The standards set by the CQC are designed to offer complete transparency and outstanding healthcare for patients everywhere. The Care Quality Commission registers practices dedicated to healthcare, monitors their performance and provides transparent ratings based on the capabilities of the service. 

If a healthcare practice is not compliant, the QCQ can launch an investigation and take action against the practice in question.

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The goals of the QCQ

The healthcare industry cares for more vulnerable clients than any other industry in the world, meaning that it is of paramount importance that these patients are kept safe and receive the appropriate level of care to meet their needs. 

If an organisation is CQC compliant, that means that it has taken on the values of the CQC and can be trusted to treat all patients according to these standards. Some of the requirements stated by the CQC include:

  • Treating staff and patients with kindness and respect 
  • Adhering to basic human rights from carer to patient, including dignity, consent to treatment and safeguarding from abusive behaviour 
  • Appropriately qualified staff 
  • Commitment to meeting legal requirements and supplying efficient leadership 

Fundamentally, CQC compliance is the key to ensuring that a healthcare practice is a safe environment for staff and patients alike. 

What is CQC Compliance and domiciliary care software? 

Now that we have summarised the basics of the CQC, what is CQC compliance in relation to domiciliary care software?

As with any medical practice, it is important that homecare services provide an efficient, safe and patient-centred service. CQC makes sure that this is the case in every element of domiciliary care, and this extends to mobile applications and cloud-based software too. 

If domiciliary care software is labelled as CQC compliant, that means that you can download and use the application with confidence in the knowledge that the management software puts patients first and allows for a more efficient and effective method of care. 

Where can i find qcq compliant care management software? 

If you are working in the homecare sector, it is likely that you want to ensure that all of your client care can be delivered in the most time-efficient manner whilst also putting your patient first and meeting all of their needs. 

QCQ compliant domiciliary care management software is the best way to make sure that this is always the case. Your Comms Group can provide your homecare team with a fleet of mobile devices pre-loaded with relevant, QCQ compliant care management software that meets the needs of you and your clients. 

Get in touch with our friendly team today for more information. 


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