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The Quiet Revolution in Smart Lift Systems

The Quiet Revolution in Smart Lift Systems

A silent transformation is happening in the tall buildings that shape our cityscape. Lifts, which are vital for urban life, are changing. They are no longer merely mechanical systems that transport people from one floor to another. Instead, they have evolved into smart and interactive building infrastructure components, thanks to the incorporation of Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

The Rise of Smart Lift


With the increase in urbanisation, lifts are now expanded beyond their basic functionality. Instead, they are becoming an essential component of innovative building ecosystems. Equipped with IoT technology, lifts are now more efficient and safer than ever. This digital transformation is revolutionising lift operations, making them more intelligent and integral to modern urban living.

Addressing the Challenges of the PSTN Switch-off in the UK

The ongoing PSTN switch-off in the UK poses a unique challenge for lift systems, particularly those reliant on traditional telephone lines for emergency communications. 

As the country transitions from analogue to digital communication networks, ensuring that lift systems remain compliant and functional is paramount. This shift necessitates the adoption of modern communication gateways that can operate effectively over digital infrastructure.

How Do IoT Lifts Work?

IoT-enabled smart lifts use a combination of sensors and communication hardware to connect with a central controller through a wireless network. They transmit signals generated by changes in conditions, which sensors monitor. 

The lift’s control system processes these signals to enhance performance and safety.

Types of Smart Sensors Used in Smart Lifts

Smart lifts employ various sensors to improve their functionality and safety:

  • Current Sensors: Detect and monitor the lift’s electrical current usage, providing insights into the operational status and flagging any anomalies that could indicate potential issues.
  • Motor Temperature Sensors: Monitor the temperature of the lift’s motor, helping prevent overheating and potential malfunctions.
  • Weight Sensors: Measure load weight, which assists in optimising lift trips and ensuring safety by preventing overloading.
  • Position Sensors: Track the lift's position within the shaft, enhancing the precision of stops at designated floors.

Features of Smart Lifts

Smart lifts offer several advanced features that enhance their efficiency and user experience:

  • Predictive Maintenance: Utilise data gathered from various sensors to predict and address potential faults before they lead to breakdowns.
  • Customised User Experiences: Offer personalised experiences such as adjustable lighting and music tailored to the time of day or user preferences.
  • Advanced Security Features: Use biometrics or access cards to restrict entry, ensuring that only authorised individuals can access the lift.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Constantly gather and analyse data to monitor performance and adjust operations.

The Future of the IoT Lifts Market

The market for IoT-enabled lifts is poised for significant growth. As buildings become more intelligent and connected, the demand for lifts that integrate seamlessly into these environments is increasing. In the future, we will likely see lifts that respond to direct user input and predictive analytics that can determine the most efficient ways to transport people based on real-time data.


Navigating the Future with Your Comms Group


Your Comms Group is at the forefront of this technological evolution, providing solutions like the Advanced Lift Voice Gateway that meet the demands of modern infrastructure. Our technologies ensure lift systems are more efficient, safer and ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

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