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Durable Phones: Samsung XCover 5 Review

Durable Phones: Samsung XCover 5 Review

With its impressive durability and top-notch performance, Samsung's XCover 5 has captured the attention of companies looking for durable phones. That's why we're taking a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5. 

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Our review will help you determine whether this double hard device lives up to its reputation and is worth the investment for your company.

The popular Korean tech manufacturer has set the bar high with the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro line. Rather than just promoting yet another range of high-end smartphones, the XCover Pro is also ruggedised - in other words, perfect for use in harsh or outdoor working environments that could potentially cause damage to your smartphone. 

The previous models in the XCover range all received relatively positive reviews online, with a lot of users showing appreciation for the smartphone's combination of damage resistance and sleek design. 

However, does Samsung's latest release exceed the standards set by its predecessors? Let's find out by reviewing the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5. 


Durable design 


The construction industry for example demands rugged devices that can withstand harsh working conditions, and the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 is no exception. It's essential to note that this phone is purpose-built for weather-wearing and active work environments, rather than being tailored to the preferences of casual consumers.




The Samsung XCover 5's design prioritises functionality and durability, making it an ideal choice for professionals in the construction industry who need a device that can keep up with their demanding work requirements.

However, that isn't to say that the XCover 5 doesn't appear noticeably different to other rugged smartphones on the market. Moving away from the typical bright colours and rubberised cases, the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 is closer in appearance to a standard smartphone. 

Sleek, slim and compact, the XCover 5 is easy and lightweight to hold, with a textured back for easier grip. Unsurprisingly, the smartphone also comes with an IP68 rating for resistance to dust and water, as well as anti-shock and drop protection capabilities. 

If you consider that the Samsung XCover 5 is designed to be used in the workplace, this combination of lightweight density and rugged features is actually very successful. The XCover 5 stands out for being a smartphone that can withstand the elements, whilst also not taking up too much space in your pocket. 


Battery and Storage 


Regardless of your workplace, the quality of battery and storage are two make-or-breaks for any mobile device, which is why we thought it was essential to draw on these features in our review of the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5. 

Let's start with battery life. Samsung has expanded battery capabilities from the XCover 4 to the XCover 5, with the older model possessing a capacity of 2800 mAh whilst the newer boasts 3000 mAh. 



More notably, the battery in the Samsung XCover 5 is replaceable. This largely reduces the risk of your smartphone dying when you need it most - if the worst comes to the worst, simply slide off the back cover, and insert a spare battery. Easy. 

When it comes to memory, the Samsung XCover 5 exceeds a lot of other rugged smartphones on the market, with 64GB (eMMC storage) and 4GB (RAM storage). There is also the option to include up to two SIM cards and a microSD card within the device. 


Display and camera quality


The screen featured on the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 is relatively small, with a 5.3 inch diagonal display and a 1480x720 pixel resolution. 

Whatever the case may be when it comes to standard smartphone devices, however, in the instance of the rugged XCover 5, a smaller interface is actually a bonus. The device can easily be held in one hand and operated with minimal effort, making this a good choice for busy, on-the-go workplaces. 

Another feature included with the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 that increases ease of use is face recognition software, allowing you to unlock your phone on-the-go without the use of passwords or buttons. 

Whilst the xCover 5's camera isn't necessarily ground-breaking, it is still reasonably high quality. This is an especially pleasant surprise when you consider the fact that rugged smartphones are rarely known for their photography capabilities. The rear camera is 16MP, which allows for images that are reasonably sharp in clarity under most lighting conditions.


Additional features


Alongside the aforementioned, the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 comes with a few unique and useful features that are worth mentioning in this review. 

  • Enterprise Edition. The Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 includes a unique 'Enterprise Edition' label from Samsung. In a nutshell, this allows for free security updates for up to five years and free access to Samsung's business Knox Suite for a year. 
  • Sensitive touchscreen. The smartphone's touchscreen is highly sensitive, adding to its easy usability. The sensitivity of the screen can also be increased, meaning that you can still operate your mobile device even when wearing gloves. 
  • LED torchlight. The torch included with the XCover 5 is bright, LED-lit and easy to toggle, allowing you to maintain your vision in even the darkest of environments.

Our Verdict


For professionals in the construction industry, the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 is a standout device that offers a rare combination of rugged durability and user-friendly features. Despite its tough exterior, the XCover 5 doesn't compromise on standard smartphone functions, providing impressive camera quality, long battery life, and ample storage.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 is an excellent choice for businesses that require a reliable mobile device capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions. Its superior durability and high operability make it a valuable addition to the toolkit of any construction industry professional.

If the Samsung Galaxy xCover 5 seems appropriate for your business communications, get in touch with Your Comms Group. Our team of telecommunication experts can provide a fleet of devices on flexible and low-cost tariffs suited to you and your company. 

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