How Can I Speed Up My Broadband Connection?

    The importance of fast broadband services

    If you're a business owner, it is unlikely that the internet isn't integral for at least part of your business operations. Whether your office has moved to remote working, or you interact with customers via a VoIP phone system, having a broadband service that's up to scratch has never been more important. If you're struggling with slow internet, we assume you're here to find an answer to the big question: how can I speed up my broadband connection? Look no further - we've provided a series of solutions that will help your business race ahead in no time. 

    Consider investing in fibre leased lines

    Leased lines are arguably the best speedy alternative to conventional broadband fast broadband services. With a leased line, your connection is essentially exclusive: instead of sharing your bandwidth with other users, the leased line is a connection between your premise and your provider. This means that your signal won't be impacted by factors such as peak times, meaning that you always get the fastest connection possible at all hours of the day. If a fast internet connection is essential for your business communications, especially if your company is on the larger side, then leased lines could be the best solution for you. 

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    Take a look at 4G and 5G solutions

    If your internet connection fails or cuts out, this could be potentially detrimental: especially if you're mid-sale or working towards a deadline. If you're wondering how you can speed up your broadband connection, 4G and 5G solutions could be the answer. 4G and 5G connectivity act as a great backup in the case of an internet cutout, or if you need to make a sudden important call from a remote location. Notably, 4G and 5G are also great substitutes if your office is located in a more rural area.

    Request a survey of your area

    A great way to get the best broadband possible is by checking which provider has priority in your area. Luckily for you, we do just that. At Your Comms Group, we are in touch with all the major carriers, including big names such as BT Wholesale, TTB, SSE, Virgin and much more. Our postcode checks locate which provider holds priority of the lines in your area. This, in turn, will show you who can provide you with the best possible upload and download speed. 

    Simply switch providers!

    Finally, if your current broadband provider really isn't doing the trick, switching providers is usually quite a simple process, and Your Comms Group is here to offer reliable fast broadband services. To find out more about our connectivity solutions, click here or contact us at