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Case Study: We’re the Preferred Supplier To Heart Of England Mencap

Case Study: We’re the Preferred Supplier To Heart Of England Mencap

At Your Comms Group (YCG) we get a kick out of helping to find mobile technology solutions for all our clients, regardless of the sectors they operate in, but were particularly proud to be able to use our expertise and knowledge to help our charity customers deliver world-class essential care and support to those who need it most. 


HOE Mencap works tirelessly to build a world in which people with a learning disability are valued equally, listened to and included.

Their work comprises 200 carers who deliver care and support for more than 200 clients.

YCG now supplies 100 smartphones for approximately the same number of carers who need to access patient data and the charity’s resources whilst on the move. These include e-learning apps for the clients as well as other applications such as Unique IQ and Quality Control Systems (QCS)

The remaining 100 carers who don’t need fully mobile technology make use of tablets that are available at the charity’s various care and respite facilities.

Since becoming the charity’s technology partner just a year ago following a referral from another one of our customers – software developer Unique IQ – YCG’s team has helped H.O.E Mencap to embark on a digital transformation journey.

Before that transformation project got under way, the phones that had been used by staff were far from suitable for the work their users needed to carry out.

These older devices generally suffered from poor battery life and the kind of damage – such as broken screens – that made routine tasks much harder, more complex and more time-consuming than they should have been.

As a result, carers and managers were left facing difficulties working within the existing technology policy and struggling to manage handsets and devices that simply weren’t fit for H.O.E mencap’s current purpose.

The rollout of new phones and new tablets has allowed H.O.E Mencap to make its digital toolkits and e-learning apps more easily available – all supported by exceptional customer care and technical advice from us.

The service we provide to H.O.E Mencap goes beyond just the supply of the devices themselves. We also manage the charity’s billing, which is great news for them since we’re committed to ensuring they pay the lowest possible price without compromising the capacity and capability of the technology.

We also use our transparent and innovative billing system to ensure the charity and its beneficiaries are protected against bill shock, which happens when unforeseen out of bundle charges suddenly appear in the mobile costs.

The result has been ongoing exemplary customer service that actually saves all of us time because the support H.O.E Mencap needs from us is always delivered quickly and efficiently.

As a result H.O.E Mencap benefit from:

  • The fastest and most efficient customer support possible from friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff

  • Settlement of the early termination fees that related to their contractual agreement with the previous supplier

  • Superfast delivery of a fleet of new phones – the order was processed the same working day and the phones were delivered the next working day

  • State of the art mobile device management (MDM) that offers data security, remote or forced installation of critical app updates, and device tracking.

All this has had the cumulative effect of saving the organisation time and providing peace of mind, and allowing the charity to focus on the most important business of all – helping its beneficiaries to enjoy a better, more inclusive life.

Over the longer term H.O.E Mencap has aspirations to grow. Working with YCG has given the charity the peace of mind that comes from knowing its telecoms strategy is in good hands and has allowed it to see the potential that exists to expand in the coming years.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help your organisation to transform digitally, why not get in touch and have an obligation-free chat to one of our friendly expert team members?

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