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Advantages of Mobile Device Management

Advantages of Mobile Device Management

The advantages of mobile device management are becoming more and more obvious as an increasing amount of businesses turn to remote communication solutions. But what is mobile device management and why is it so important?

Electronic devices have become an irreplaceable asset in almost every aspect of life. From mobile phones to portable tablets, communication technology usage is only increasing, with a 79% increase in screen time seen amongst Generation Z compared to previous generations.

This is especially true in the business world. Recent developments such as the increase in remote working, as well as more and more businesses moving online, means that smartphones and similar devices are playing an important role in team and client communications. 

However, as the demand for technology within businesses grows, so does the demand for services that help to regulate and control mobile devices. After all, anything that is being used to share and store integral company data and deliver services needs to be protected. 

For many, mobile device management is the perfect solution. MDM is a programme that can be applied to any fleet of mobile devices, monitoring and enacting control and security measures. 

Let's take a closer look at some of the advantages of mobile device management and why it may be the best service for your business. 

Security & Control 

One major benefit of MDM is control. This applies to controlling access from outside of the business, and limiting the way in which company device are used by employees in order to prevent malicious cyber attacks. 

Malware and phishing devices can pose a huge threat to company's data. Similarly, personal applications used by employees on company devices may be able to gain access to the data on the mobile. Although this may sometimes be harmless, allowing third parties to access important business details can be risky. 

Luckily, mobile device management enhances the security measures on business devices. By providing an extra layer of security, MDM applications block hackers and viruses and limit the access attempted by third parties. 

Data Protection

For many companies, the data stored on their mobile devices keeps the company running smoothly. Whether this comes in the form of reports, contact details or proof of legal compliance, the loss of this information could be detrimental and cause a huge loss in profit and rapport. 

A huge advantage of mobile device management is centred around the retention of data. As well as providing security and protection, MDM software also regularly backs up important company information.

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This means that, in the instance of a physical device being lost or broken, the data can simply be transferred to a new source, saving time and keeping the business running as usual.

Remote management

Managing a company can be a challenge, and this is especially the case if employees are working from home or anywhere outside of the office. 

Mobile device management provides the advantage of allowing company leaders to monitor the usage of company data. For instance, managers can if and how their colleagues are using and sharing information. In the case of unauthorised access or use, access can be blocked immediately. 

Alternatively, if a business mobile device is stolen, there is no need for concern. MDM provides the benefit of erase capabilities. This means that, if a company mobile ends up in unauthorised hands, all of the data on the device in question can be erased in a flash. 

Affordable & future-focused

Fundamentally, the costs of restoring lost data and potential losses inflicted on the business as a result are a lot higher than paying for mobile device management software. 

Investing in an application that guarantees extra security and more fluid business operations is bound to reduce anxiety and lead to lower operational costs in the future. 

Additionally, mobile device management software has the advantage of being bespoke. No two businesses are exactly the same, which is why it is important to use devices that are up to date on all company data policies. Mobile device management allows you to make these changes remotely, ensuring that all devices are homogenous. 


The bottom line is that mobile device management helps businesses to run smoothly and more securely than ever before. Investing in mobile device management software can save time, stress and prevent costly issues down the line.

Your Comms Group specialise in providing bespoke mobile device management solutions that allow businesses full control over their data and security. For a free quote, or to find out more about our services, please get in contact with our expert team or find out more on our website. 

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