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Landline Installation Without Broadband

Landline Installation without Broadband:

For landline installations without broadband, the process is similar, excluding the broadband activation step. Here's a step by step guide:

  1. Initial Email: We will  send you a welcome email to kick-start the installation process.
  2. Number Porting and Provider Details: Confirm your number you wish to port along side the porting details from your current provider.  Please provide us with your current provider's lastest invoice  to facilitate the transfer of your business telephone numbers.
  3. Letter of Authority (LoA): Complete the LoA via docusign, granting us permission to port your numbers. We'll then submit it for a Proof of Validation (POV) check to ensure accuracy.
  4. Config and Call Flow Form: Share your preferences and requirements for system configuration and call flow.
  5. Infrastructure Check: Our engineer will discuss your current infrastructure to ensure a stable installation site.
  6. Porting Date Confirmed: Schedule the porting of your numbers to ensure continuity of service.
  7. Install Date Scheduled: The installation will typically occur on the porting date.
  8. System Installation and Numbers Ported: On the scheduled date/s, our team will install the new system and transfer your numbers seamlessly.
  9. Project Closure: We'll conduct a check-in call to confirm your satisfaction with the system and officially close the project.

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A seamless transition to Your Company Comms from our old provider, for much less, including new equipment and a customer service that is responsive, friendly and effective. Particular thanks to Lee and Jamie.
Dean Brothers
Company Director
YCG are delivering a true high level service around the clock and really know how to focus on client's needs, rather than offering what is popular on the market. I've been working with Rob for several years and very pleased of his professional account management levels. If your company feels its lacking personal care, you should definitely consider YCG as your service provider!
Robert Tornovsky
Company Director
Your Comms group make managing our SIM card estate easy by providing a single point of contact for all of our network providers. They're always quick to respond to queries, and ordering, cancelling and transferring lines is a painless process.
Ellen Swinburne
Company Director

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