The evolution of the Hillingdon Chamber of Commerce

From old times to the present day


1908 London Olympic Games.

In the historic 1908 Olympic Games held in London, the marathon route passed through what we now know as the borough of Hillingdon. 


Postcard of Cecil Fane de Salis of Dawley Court, Hillingdon, and his wife and 13 children c. 1912


From its inception to the present day


The Early Years (1908-1990):

Hillingdon Chamber of Commerce traces its origins back to 1908. Fast forward to 1990 when Mike Langan, following an introduction to the Chamber during an event at the Nave in Uxbridge, which marked the beginning of his involvement with the Chamber.

A Turning Point (1990): 

Shortly after, Mike Langan found himself at a Chamber Committee meeting where a significant change unfolded. The Secretary, Treasurer, and Chairman resigned from their positions and Mike took on the role of Treasurer. This marked a pivotal moment in the Chamber's history.

The Humble Beginnings:

At that time, the Chamber consisted of approximately 10 members a modest start for an organisation that would go on to play a crucial role in the local business community.

Longest Serving Chairman (1992):

Mike went on to take the role of Chairman in 1992 and was the longest serving Chairman of 29 years until his retirement in 2021.


Grand Union Canal and Hillingdon Trail


The Old Vinyl Factory, view of the former headquarters


The Old Vinyl Factory, formerly owned by the British music company EMI, was responsible for producing vinyl records for 20th-century musicians like The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd.  


The Shipping Building, The Old Vinyl Factory, Blyth Road



Launch of the Expo (2015)

In Partnership with Brunel University London, the Hillingdon Business Expo was launched. The event was well received and grew exponentially each year, finally outgrowing its home in the Hamilton Centre moving into the Indoor Athletic Centre at Brunel in 2023. This was the largest Expo to date with over 100 exhibitors and over 1,000 visitors.

New Beginnings (2022)

Without a natural successor, the position of Chairman remained unfilled during 2021 whilst the Committee took the time to consider the future of the Chamber. With the support of Andy Sharma of Business Results Coach and a long-standing member, a new strategy was created to take the Chamber forward and provide tangible services to its members. In 2022 Andy was appointed the new Chairman of HCC.


Current Day (2024)

With the launch of the new membership packages, membership and sponsorship doubling in 2023 the Chamber was unable to progress under the structure of the Executive Committee who were all volunteers. At an Extraordinary General Meeting in November 2023, it was unanimously voted by the Members to disband the Committee and appoint a CEO to take the Chamber to the next level. Andy Sharma was appointed as the new CEO and is leading the team into 2024 with enhanced membership packages and exciting initiatives planned such as the 10th anniversary of the Expo and the launch of the Hillingdon Business Awards in November.

The Chamber Today

The Hillingdon Chamber of Commerce (HCC) thrives on collaborative partnerships in Hillingdon.

Their partners, including London Borough of Hillingdon, Heathrow, Brunel, Uxbridge College, Moore Kingston Smith and other stakeholders and leaders in the Borough enable them to host seminars, training, and networking events for its members. NatWest Bank collaborates on a seminar series covering vital topics like social media and marketing.

Through collaboration and partnerships, the Chamber can work with other stakeholders to help support a thriving ecosystem within the Hillingdon Borough.

For more information on how the Chamber can help your business, contact or visit


Growing Together: The Power of Local Networking

The membership of Your Comms Group (YCG) within the Hillingdon Chamber of Commerce (HCC) goes beyond mere participation; it stands as a dynamic catalyst propelling local business growth and achievement. YCG empowers Hillingdon businesses with tailor-made telecom solutions, facilitates meaningful connections, and provides invaluable expertise.

In the ever-evolving business landscape, the expansion of your local network becomes a valuable asset. The HCC and YCG membership demonstrates how local businesses can flourish when they unite, fostering a supportive ecosystem that ignites growth, innovation, and prosperity. Together, we're not just advancing our individual enterprises; we're nurturing the future of Hillingdon. Your success is our shared triumph, and we eagerly anticipate continuing this journey of progress and collaboration alongside you.


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