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Your Comms Group are one of the UK's leading independent telecoms providers in the UK. We work alongside many B2B companies, sharing Leads, Tips, and ideas to grow your business and generate more revenue.

The event is FREE, and we will be providing information about:
👩‍💼 Our Lead Exchange Program for IT Resellers

💷 Upto 50% Commissions from referring any of a suite of Telecoms Services

💻 Learn How to get Access to Good B2B Data for Free

🤗 The Best Ways to convert prospects into sales leads & with real life examples you can take home

📈 How to Access our Free Marketing Support

🇬🇧 Free Event in London

Lead Exchange


Unlock opportunities, enhance your sales, and foster business growth with us.

Earn upto 50% Commission


Join our referral program—seize new revenue streams and boost your income!

Access Quality B2B Data
for Free


Unlock customised B2B data solutions for your business with Your Comms Group.

Convert Prospects Into Sales Leads


The Best Ways to Convert Marketing Prospects into Sales Leads & with Real-life examples.

Get Free Marketing Support


Learn how to Access Free Marketing Support for Your Business as a YCG Partner.

Free B2B Event
in London


Connect with fellow industry business owners, expand your network, and boost your earnings

Lead Exchange Program


Harness the potential of data through our data mining services. Discover valuable insights to guide your strategic decisions.

Elevate your efficiency and productivity with our Virtual Assistant services, equipped with an extensive Business Toolkit. Explore additional benefits through our lead exchange program.

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Earn upto 50% commission


Referring leads is hassle-free with us. Our team handles everything, and your level of involvement is up to you. Earn up to a 50% commission for every lead that converts to a sale.

What's even better? Your customers enjoy significant savings and personalised service. Dive deeper into the referral process and commission details by scheduling a discovery call.

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Good b2b data for free



Elevate your business with YCG's comprehensive solutions, covering everything from data mining to marketing campaigns and virtual assistant services. Our resellers benefit from top-quality data provided by Your Comms Group.

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At YCG, we provide dedicated account management, ensuring you have a trusted partner to help navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and convert prospects into sales leads effectively.


Our transparent and efficient billing processes allow you to focus on your core business while we handle financial matters.

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Get Free marketing support


Experience personalised account management and as a reseller, benefit from top-quality data. Enjoy marketing strategies and campaigns tailored to your business needs. Explore additional advantages through our lead exchange program. Elevate your business with Your Comms Group's comprehensive solutions.

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Free b2b event in London


This event is a fantastic opportunity to meet industry business owners, network, and supercharge your earnings. Plus, it's free! Drinks and snacks are on us. Register your interest now!

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Our Services

We're proud to offer a range of the latest mobile devices for your workforce, including the cutting-edge iPhone 15, Samsung A54, and many more. Your team deserves the best tools to stay connected and productive, and we're here to provide them. Explore our mobile options to empower your business today!

Experience the true freedom of VoIP with Your Comms Group. Now you can effortlessly answer business calls from anywhere, at any time, as long as you have an internet connection.
Discover our latest VoIP Offers! 

Business Broadband: Elevate your company's profits and productivity with our business broadband solutions.

IoT Solutions: Simplify the management of thousands of devices for your organisation through our IoT cloud platform.

Streamlined Device Management from Anywhere Effortlessly oversee all your devices through a single dashboard. Our Mobile Device Management solution offers comprehensive security and control for your workforce's mobiles and devices. Plus, our expert setup and support team sets the industry standard.

Would you like to know more about our partner program and how much you can earn? Send us a message using the form below!

YCG's latest round table event in London

A heartfelt thank you to all the attendees of Your Comms Group Round Table Event in London! It was our first event in Gherkin Tower, and we discovered a lot about our resellers' businesses. It also was a fantastic opportunity for us to share our story, showcase our bespoke telecom services, and unveil our reseller partner program.

Businesses can now earn up to 50% commission by joining us in revolutionising the telecoms industry. Discover a new era in communication with Your Comms Group!

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Reseller Round Table

1 PM

Welcoming Drink and Lunch

1 PM

2 PM

Introduction to Lead Exchange and Partner Program. Earning Potential & Support.

2:45 PM

Break Time and Refreshments

2:45 PM

3 PM

Guest Speaker: B2B Prospect Marketing 2023

4.30 PM


4.30 PM


Location: London, The Gherkin, 30 St Mary Axe
Duration: 4 Hours
Included: Drinks & Snacks

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We work with Hundreds of Resellers

We work with a variety of businesses enabling them to make extra revenue from offering telecommunications services that align with their customer's needs. For example, if you are a mobile application software vendor or in IoT or IT Services we could be the perfect partner for you. 

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Real TEstimonials from our Customers

The team at YCG offer excellent levels of service, they are responsive, helpful and are a great telecom solution partner.
The YCG team have contributed to UNISON’s efforts to continue to provide the support our members need in unprecedented times and our collective battle against Covid-19.
Reply came through within minutes of my query and answered my question perfectly


YCM is a leading UK telecoms supplier to the channel, helping resellers uncover a new strong revenue stream from their existing and
new customers. We do this by supplying quality and affordable telecom solutions from SME, all the way up to Enterprise businesses across the



Our success has come from a simple method of saving customers money on their telecoms. When you refer a customer to us you are earning from saving them money. The level of service we offer is second to none and we have perfected the process of working with a variety of businesses including Home Care, IoT, and Information Technology companies.  



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Would you like to know more about our partner program and how much you can earn? Send us a message using the form below!