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How to Track Device Location Using Scalefusion Kiosk App

In this article you will learn how to track device location using Scalefusion Kiosk App.

Your Comms Group provides a  step-by-step guide  on how to efficiently track your devices' locations for enhanced mobile device management.

In the article/video , we  will cover the following topics:

  1. Setup and Configuration: Learn how to set up and configure Scalefusion App on your devices for location tracking.
  2. Prerequisites: Discover the necessary permissions and settings required for optimal location tracking, such as location access and usage settings.
  3. Dashboard Overview: Get a comprehensive overview of the Scalefusion App dashboard, including how to view device details and locations.
  4. Customising Location Settings: Learn how to customise location settings based on your preferences, such as accuracy, frequency, and battery consumption.
  5. Viewing Location History: Gain insights into device movement patterns by viewing location history and tracking the locations of devices over time.
  6. Disabling Tracking: Discover how to turn off location tracking for specific devices when needed.

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