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How to share Android devices using SOTI MobiControl

In this article, we will show you how to share your Android devices using SOTI´s MobiControl

Your Comms Group is an established telecoms company  that specializes in providing complete solutions for the management and security of mobile devices, catering to businesses of all scales. If your organization needs to share Android devices among multiple users, Your Comms Group can help you with SOTI MobiControl.

In this article , Your Comms Group will show you how to configure SOTI MobiControl so that your organization can share Android devices among multiple users. You will learn how to create a user profile for each user, assign devices to users, and configure the devices to switch between user profiles seamlessly.

SOTI MobiControl's powerful features make it easy to manage and secure devices, even when they are shared among multiple users. With Your Comms Group's expertise in implementing SOTI MobiControl, your organization can ensure that devices are used efficiently and securely, with the ability to switch between user profiles seamlessly. Your Comms Group is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for managing and securing mobile devices, and this video is just one example of how we can help your organization achieve its goals.

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