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How to set up iPECS UCE softphone (Android)

A guide to setting up your iPECS UCE application on an Android device.

These instructions will show you how to set up your iPECS UCE software on an Android device.

Start by searching iPECS UCE on the Google Play store. It will show up as ‘iPECS UCE +’. Click to install on the device, and open when installed.

After the app has been installed, you will need to allow it to access certain elements of your device: notifications, camera and so on. You will see a notice requesting that you turn off battery optimisation for the normal operation app. Click okay, and you will be taken to the battery optimisation settings for Android apps. Click ‘all apps’ and navigate to the iPECS UCE + app. Click on the app, and select ‘don’t optimise’.

Return to the UCE app.

From the login screen, proceed to the settings menu which is located at the top right.

From here, go to Sever > Server and then enter your UCE server IP and select ‘OK’. Leave the port number as default.

If you are struggling to find an internet connection and need to use your data instead at any point, then go to Settings > Network > Enable ‘Use Mobile Network’ option, which should enable the data service, charging your standard network rate.

Return to the main login screen and enter your login details, set with the User Setup on the Customer Manager Portal. Here, enter your Portal ID, including the customer domain and password. If you don’t have this, contact the system administrator.

If you need to change your presence, select ‘My Presence’ and choose the appropriate status.

To login quickly and without hassle, select ‘Auto Login’ on the login page.

If you have any questions regarding the UCE app, please contact Your Comms Group.