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How to set up call barring using the iPECS Cloud Portal

Learn how to control the types of phone numbers called from your system with this guide to call barring using the iPECS Cloud Portal

First, select ‘call barring’ on the left-hand menu, and click ‘add’ to create a new rule, then enter the profile name. 

Select the calls that will be allowed from this profile. The auto-generated options are local, mobile, international and non-geographic. To see which numbers are included in each category, you can click the magnifying glass. 

You can create a custom category if the number type you wish to call isn’t listed. 

Click on the digit tab, followed by ‘add’ and enter the category name. 

Click ‘add’ at the bottom of the window and enter the digits you will be allowed to call - for example, enter 001 as a dial code if you want to make calls to the USA. Click ‘save’.

Return to the profile tab and click ‘add’. 

Now, from the options listed, you can, for example, select the USA but not international to allow users to make calls to America but not other countries. Click ‘save’.

To apply to specific users, go to the left-hand menu and click ‘setup’ under ‘users’, and click the user you want to apply the rule to, followed by ‘modify’. 

Go to the ‘call barring’ drop down and select ‘individual call barring’. Then, from the menu to the right, select the new call barring profile you’ve created. 

Finally, click ‘save’. You can go to the site management menu to apply this to all users.

For more information, contact Your Comms Group.