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How to set up Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) - Scalefusion MDM

In this article we will give you a how to guide to set up Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) - Scalefusion MDM

Your Comms Group provides a comprehensive guide on how to set up Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) with Scalefusion MDM (Mobile Device Management). This process is essential for businesses that want to streamline their app purchasing and distribution processes across their Apple devices. By following this guide, organizations can set up their VPP account, enroll their devices on the Scalefusion MDM platform, and purchase and distribute licenses for apps in bulk to all enrolled devices with ease. With Scalefusion, businesses can assign licenses to specific devices, revoke licenses if necessary, and manage app usage policies across all enrolled devices. This functionality ensures that businesses are compliant with app usage policies and that their Apple devices are always up-to-date with the latest business-specific applications. By utilizing this guide, businesses can simplify their app management processes, save time, and optimize their operations.

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