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How to set up and manage time schedules with the iPECS Cloud Portal

A short guide to managing your company’s time schedule on the iPECS Cloud.

 First, enter the ‘time schedule’ tab. You can edit an existing time schedule by double-clicking on the correct element or click Add > Modify to add a new time schedule. 

From here, you will see a list of options: Schedule Name, Change Mode, Standard Timezone, Description and Default Time Schedule. Tick the box to select a default time schedule. 

Scroll down and you will find the holiday options. Use the dropdown menus to select weekdays and holiday days. 

You can also enter opening hours. ‘Day start’ is the time your company opens, whilst the ‘Night start’ option is the time your company closes. ‘Timed start/timed end’ allows you to add other times in the day that your company is closed, e.g. a lunch break. Click ‘save’ after you have finished. 

There is also the option to add a public holiday, by clicking the ‘holiday option’ followed by the ‘add’ button. 

Next, enter your holiday of choice by entering the month in the first box and the day in the second. Finally, type in the holiday name and hit ‘save’.

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