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How to set up a conference call using iPECS (Windows)

A guide to setting up a conference call using your iPECS UCE mobile application on Windows Desktop.

This guide will demonstrate how to set up a conference call using the iPECS UCE for Windows Desktop.

Once logged in, you will see different options on the left-hand side of the screen, that will provide different features of the application.

First, select the conference icon. To create a conference room, click on the create icon at the right of the screen.

Enter a title for the call. You can then choose between in-progress or immediate calls on the registration menu, or reserved to reschedule a call.

You can select a time and date for the call, as well as enter a password for the conference room.

Access your directory and drag and drop contacts to the conference box.

To book the conference room, click OK.

If you have any questions regarding the UCE app, please contact Your Comms Group.