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How to set up a call pickup group with the iPECS Cloud Portal

A guide to setting up a call pickup group via the iPECS Cloud Portal.

Call pickup groups to allow users to pick up calls from other users within their own group. This simple guide will show you how exactly you go about setting up a pickup group on the iPECS Cloud Portal. 

First, go to Call Manager > Pickup Group Menu > Add to create a group, and enter a name into the group name field. 

Then select Call Type: you can choose All Calls, Trunk Calls (external numbers), or Extension Calls (internal calls). 

Next, select numbers who can pick up calls from each other. Click Change, followed by the extensions that you’d like to allow to pick up calls from each other. 

Click on the tick boxes, followed by the left arrow, to move them into the pickup group. 

Finally, click ‘save’. These users will now be able to pick up calls from one another. 

For more information, contact Your Comms Group.