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How to Set up a call forward with extension on iPECS Cloud Portal

This guide will show you how to set up a call forward with an extension via the iPECS Cloud Portal.

First, go to the ‘user feature configuration’ under the ‘user’ tab, and enter your extension number in the box. 

Click ‘quick search’. This brings up your details, with the ‘call forward’ tab shown first. From here, click ‘modify’. 

Go to the ‘call forward type’ drop down and you’ll see a list of options.

Not used: This turns call forwarding off.

Unconditional: This forwards every type of call.

Busy: This only forwards calls when you’re on the phone. 

No answer: This will forward if you don’t answer the call.

Busy/No answer: This applies to both scenarios. 

After making your selection, you can go to ‘options’ and choose whether you want this to happen ‘always’, ‘day’ (during the working day), ‘night’ (after working hours) or ‘customize’. If you choose ‘customize’, you can choose the hours in the menu below. 

Then, go to ‘call forward destination’ and choose either ‘voicemail’ or ‘digit’. This will forward your call to either your voicemail or to a specific number. If you choose ‘digit’, type in the mobile number in the box at the side. 

Hit ‘save’ and all calls will be forwarded to this number. 

You can easily turn off call forward by selecting Modify > Not used > Save. All of your details will be saved, so you can go back and forward calls to your mobile again in the future. 

For more information, contact Your Comms Group.