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How to Enrol Android Devices Using SOTI NFC Bump Feature

In this article we will show you how to rapidly enrol SOTI NFc bump feature across all android devices.

Your Comms Group is a leading telecoms  company that provides comprehensive solutions for managing and securing mobile devices for businesses of all sizes. If your organisation is looking for a proven mobility management solution, Your Comms Group can help you with SOTI MobiControl.

SOTI MobiControl is a powerful mobile device management software that can help you enrol and provision your Android devices quickly and easily, using the NFC Bump feature. This feature allows you to simply bump two devices together to transfer device information, making enrollment and provisioning faster and more efficient.

In this video, Your Comms Group will show you how to use SOTI MobiControl's NFC Bump feature to rapidly enrol and provision your Honeywell devices. You will learn how to set up your devices for enrollment, create a profile for your devices, and use the NFC Bump feature to transfer device information quickly and securely.

By using SOTI MobiControl with Your Comms Group, you can save your organisation time and money when deploying your business-critical devices. The software's powerful features, including the NFC Bump feature, will help you manage and secure your mobile devices efficiently, enabling your organisation to focus on its core business activities.

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