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How to program a flexible button in the iPECS Cloud Portal

The article will teach you how to use the iPECS Cloud Portal to program a flexible button.

First, log in to the cloud portal using your user credentials, and navigate to My Phone and Feature > Phone Configuration. Here, you will see an image of the phone and details of your extension. You can restart your phone from here if you wish. 

Scroll down to the list of buttons to change a button on your handset. 

Select the tickbox next to the button you wish to programme, and scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘modify’. If the button class is set to ‘fixed buttons’, this will give you a list of commonly used options, such as callback and transfer. 

You have the option to add these buttons if they are not already on your handset.

Select Button Class > Digits to add a button that isn’t already predetermined, and from here you can choose if you wish to programme the feature key, e.g. the call page, which is option 500, would let you make an announcement to a phone, so long as you select which phones you wish to make the announcement to, or provide more details in a digit string. 

You can also choose a mobile or external number by entering the phone number and name/description. Click Save > OK to programme the button and register to your handset. 

You will now see the programme button details. These will appear instantly on the desk phone. 

For more information, contact Your Comms Group.