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How to place a call on hold using iPECS (Windows)

A guide to placing a call on hold using your iPECS UCE application on Windows Desktop.

This guide will demonstrate how to place a call on hold using the iPECS UCE for Windows Desktop.

Select the phone icon, followed by the dial icon to place a call. Here, you can either right-click and paste a number or input it manually using the keys onscreen.

As you type the number, matching contacts will show up from your iPECS Cloud directory. If the number is not in your directory, you can still place the call.

Place the call key to place the call.

You can place the call on hold by tapping the pause icon.

To mute the call, press the microphone icon.

The keypad can be used if you need to enter a number whilst on the call.

If you have any questions regarding the UCE app, please contact Your Comms Group.