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How to listen to call recording in the iPECS Cloud Portal

An article explaining how you can listen to call recordings via the iPECS Cloud Portal.

If you need help with listening to call recordings on the iPECS Cloud Portal, this simple guide is here to walk you through the steps. 

Firstly, you can find the call recording feature underneath the ‘user menu’ option, and turn this on. Your call should now be being recorded. 

From here, you can navigate to the customer management portal, and select ‘call record report’ from the left-hand side menu. You can save this option as a favourite for easier access.

On this page, you will see all of the latest call recordings, which can also be searched by selecting the extension name and extension number, or the telephone number of the call recording you are looking for. Later, you can select a date and time to find a greater range of recordings. 

Once you have chosen the call recordings you want to review, you can play them individually by selecting the play button, which will open up the player. Click the down arrow on the right-hand side to download a call recording. 

Display between 10 and 200 call recordings from whichever selection you choose or, alternatively, display all of them by selecting the tickbox by ‘extension name’.

Select the ‘download all’ button to download up to 200 recordings at a time. 

From the portal, you either have access to listening to or deleting call recordings, so you choose which users have access to that facility. Accessing the call recordings through the manager portal means you can play all the recordings from all the users who have that feature set.

For more information, contact Your Comms Group.