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How to extend ring time using the iPECS Cloud Portal.

This guide will show you how to extend your ring time via the iPECS Cloud. 

First, navigate to the core manager menu from the sidebar and select Group Settings > Hunt Group.

Create a normal hunt group, with the number and name, and make sure ‘group no answer forward priority’ is set to ‘use’. 

Enter the desired extensions into the hunt group, using the ‘members’ tab at the bottom of the page, and create a shared line from the ‘call manager’ menu in the sidebar. This should be a blank shared line, with no members. 

Next, create a second hunt group with the same details as the first, apart from the number and name. Again, make sure ‘group no answer forward priority’ is set to ‘use’. 

Enter the same extensions as the first hunt group into the ‘members’ tab. Then, add the shared line you just created, and go back to the first hunt group. 

From here, go to the ‘options’ tab and add ‘queueing overflow/no answer’ & forward to the second hunt group for 60 seconds. This means the first group will be called for 60 seconds, before ringing the second hunt group. 

If required, you can repeat the process with a different shared line. Go to ‘options’, and set an overflow to the third hunt group, with the same members and a different shared line. This process can be repeated up to ten times. 

For more information, contact Your Comms Group.