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How to easily whitelist a website and publish it on devices

In this article we will show you how to whitelist a website and how to publish it on multiple devices

Your Comms Group is a company that offers comprehensive communication solutions for businesses of all sizes. One of their products, Scalefusion, enables companies to manage and secure their devices and applications from a single dashboard.

With Scalefusion, whitelisting a website and publishing it on devices is a simple process. First, the website can be easily added to the whitelist using the Scalefusion dashboard. Once added, the website will be allowed to be accessed by the devices associated with the account.

To publish the website on the devices, the administrator can push the policy to the devices through the Scalefusion dashboard. This ensures that the website is accessible on all devices that are enrolled in the Scalefusion account, allowing for seamless and secure browsing for employees.

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