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How to Create MDM Profiles in KME Portal using Scalefusion

In this article, you will learn how to create MDM profiles in the KME Portal by using Scalefusion for Mobile Device Management

Your Comms Group provides a step-by-step guide on creating MDM (Mobile Device Management) profiles in the KME (Knox Mobile Enrollment) portal using Scalefusion. This process is crucial for organizations that have procured Samsung devices under the KME program and want to start managing them efficiently. By following this guide, businesses can establish MDM profiles for their devices, enabling them to remotely manage, monitor and secure their Samsung devices with ease.

Creating MDM (Mobile Device Management) profiles in the KME (Knox Mobile Enrollment) portal using Scalefusion is a crucial step for businesses that want to manage their Samsung devices efficiently. By establishing MDM profiles, organizations can remotely monitor, configure, and secure their Samsung devices. This functionality allows businesses to enforce policies, restrict access to certain apps, and set up VPNs and Wi-Fi networks across all devices. With Scalefusion, businesses can also create customized profiles for different departments or user groups, enabling them to tailor device management policies to suit their specific needs. By utilizing the functionality of creating MDM profiles in KME Portal using Scalefusion, businesses can ensure that their Samsung devices are secure, compliant and fully optimized for their operations.

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